October 2021

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Always by Shaw Hart (BBW romance; Rosewood series book 1)
Best Man Forever by K.L. McLoughlin (contemporary romance; The Shellington series book 4)
Perfect Sinner by Maggie Cole (romantic suspense; Mafia Wars series book 7)
Love, Comment, Subscribe by Cathy Yardley (romantic comedy; Ponto Beach Reunion series book 1)
Snipe by Mary Morano (sports romance; Moosehead Hockey series book 2)
A Veiled & Hallowed Eve by Hailey Turner (PNR, MM romance; Soulbound series book 7)
Damaged Soul by Emma Creed (MC romance; The Dirty Souls MC series book 4)
Coven of Love: A Halloween Romance Anthology (paranormal romance collection)
Brutal Boys on Devil’s Night Anthology (enemies-to-lovers, bully romance collection)
Filthy Crown by Eleanor Aldrick (single dad, age gap romance; Crown Brothers series book 1)
The Silver Linings Wedding Dress Auction by Mary Oldham (contemporary, romantic comedy)
Wicked Dark Heathens by Lucy Smoke (dark, NA romance; Sick Boys series book 4)
Until Love by May Gordon (contemporary romance)
On the Ropes by Kathryn Nolan (opposites attract, friends-to-lovers romance)
Rescuer Cowboy by Mia Brody (small town romance; Whiskey Run: Cowboys Love Curves series book 1)

always best man forever perfect sinner love comment subscribe snipe a veiled & hallowed eve damaged soul coven of love brutal boys on devils night filthy crown the silver linings wedding dress auction wicked dark heathens until love on the ropes rescuer cowboy

The Blood That Binds by Madeline Sheehan & Claire C. Riley (post-apocalyptic, dystopian romance; Thicker than Blood series book 3)

the blood that binds

Cocky Flyboy by Susan Horsnell (contemporary romance; a Cocky Hero Club novel)
Shattered Dynasty by Ava Harrison (enemies-to-lovers, billionaire romance)

cocky flyboy shattered dynasty

Some Trust Can Be Rebuilt by Jane Blythe (small town, romantic suspense; River’s End Rescues series book 5)
Doctor Scandalous by J. Saman (fake engagement romance; Boston’s Billionaire Bachelor’s series book 1)
Perceive by Addison Jane & KE Osborn (romantic suspense; The Vindicated series book 4)
Razor’s Edge by Mila Crawford (second chance, mafia romance; Underworld Kings series book 1)
Free to Wish by Tracey Jerald (contemporary romance; Amaryllis series book 8)
Canary by Tijan (enemies-to-lovers, mafia romance)
Kelly by Rie Warren (dark, Irish mafia romance; O’Sullivan Brothers series book 2)
Knot My Type by Evie Mitchell (romantic comedy; All Access series book 1)
The Dirty by Giulia Lagomarsino (small town romance; A Good Run Of Bad Luck series book 3)
Owned by Clarissa Wild (dark, mafia romance; Dellucci Mafia Duet book 2)
Past Regrets by Barbara Nolan (MC romance; Serpents MC Las Vegas series book 5)
Rhett by Margaret McHeyzer (firefighter romance; Morgan Brothers series book 3)
Handsome Devil by Jaine Diamond (enemies-to-lovers, billionaire romance; Vancity Villains series book 1)
907 For Keeps Way by Adriana Locke (opposites attract, small town romance novella; A Cherry Falls Romance series book 37)

some trust can be rebuilt doctor scandalous perceive razor's edge free to wish canary kelly knot my type the dirty owned past regrets rhett handsome devil 907 for keeps way

Taken by K.K. Allen (PNR, fantasy romance; Enchanted Gods series book 3)
Wish by A.K. Evans (rockstar romance; Rock Stars & Romance series book 2)
Cold Hearted Bastard by Jenika Snow (NA, mafia romance; Underworld Kings series book 2)
Not Without Your Love by Lexi Ryan (enemies-to-lovers, office romance; The Boys of Jackson Harbor series book 7)
Good Catch by Jennifer Bardsley (small town, frenemies romance; Harper Landing series book 2)
Adventurous Love by Lea Coll (small town romance; Mountain Haven series book 2)
Broken Sparrow by Chelle Bliss (age gap, MC romance; Open Road series book 1)
Fallen Royal by Rachel Van Dyken (mafia romance; Mafia Royals series book 4)
Our Shadowed Souls by Alessandra Vitale (contemporary romance; The Seasons of The Soul series book 2)
Bad Girlfriend by Elise Faber (billionaire romance; Billionaire’s Club series book 13)
Flesh Fiction Anthology (short fiction stories collection)
A Moment for Us by Corinne Michaels (surprise baby/unrequited love romance)
Chalk Dirty to Me by Lani Lynn Vale (contemporary romance; Madd CrossFit series book 3)
Whatever Tomorrow Brings by Amy Argent (contemporary romance; Embrace Tomorrow Duet book 2)
Gentle Scars by Willow Winters (fated love romance; To Be Claimed Saga book 2)
The Witch’s Game by Karpov Kinrade (fantasy romance; Endless Magic Online series book 1)
The Sweet Talker by Cathryn Fox (NA, sports romance; Players on Ice series book 11)
Chained Hands by T.L. Smith (mafia romance; Chained Hearts Duet book 1)
Bad Lands by Stacey Marie Brown (fantasy romance; Savage Lands series book 4)
Pining for You by Lydia Michaels (contemporary, holiday romance; Jasper Falls series book 4)
Tease My Desires by Charmaine Louise Shelton (billionaire romance; Steele International, Inc. – Jackson Corporation series book 2)
Taking by Lynn Burke (forbidden romance; Forbidden Obsession Duet book 2)
Filthy Hot Prince by Mahi Mistry (royal romance; Alluring Rulers of Azmia series book 2)
Protecting Raven by B.P. Beth (small town romance; Heroes of Brooks series book 1)
Fable of Happiness: Book 3 by Pepper Winters (romantic suspense; Fable of Happiness series book 3)
Broken Vow by Stella Gray (romantic suspense; Broken series book 2)
After Midnight by Victoria J. Best (romantic suspense; Midnight Duet book 2)
The Party Planning Committee by Amy Matayo (romantic comedy; Reality Show series book 3)
Blocked Veracity by Meadow Schmidt & Esther E. Schmidt (romantic suspense)
Bared by Angel Payne (contemporary romance; Honor Bound series book 11)
Her Spooky Secret Suitor by Poppy Parkes (friends-to-lovers, contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 1)

taken wish cold hearted bastard not without your love good catch adventurous love broken sparrow fallen royal our shadowed souls bad girlfriend flesh fiction a moment for us chalk dirty to me whatever tomorrow brings gentle scars the witch's game the sweet talker chained hands bad lands pining for you tease my desires taking filthy hot prince protecting raven fable & happiness 3 broken vow after midnight the party planning committee blocked veracity bared her spooky secret suitor

Homecoming Queen by Fabiola Francisco (second chance romance; Carlisle Cellars series book 2)
Scouts: A Forbidden Romance Anthology (forbidden romance collection)
#NYGirl by A.M. Brooks (NA romance; Midwest Boys series book 4)
A Romantic Feast Anthology (short story collection)
Tears of Salvation by Michelle Heard (mafia romance; Underworld Kings series book 3)
Veritas by A.L. Woods (enemies-to-lovers, single dad romance)
Puck Drills & Quick Thrills by Eden Finley & Saxon James (MM, sports romance; CU Hockey series book 5)
Bewitched by You by Mae Harden (steamy romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 2)

homecoming queen scouts #nygirl a romantic feast tears of salvation veritas puck drills & quick thrills bewitched by you

Turnover by Lisa Suzanne (sports romance; Vegas Aces: The Quarterback series book 4)
Incubastard by Charity B. (dark, paranormal romance)
Single Girl Rules #BFF by Ivy Smoak (contemporary romance novella)
Brave Love by A.M. Kusi (contemporary romance; Shattered Cove series book 7)
Fractured by L.M. Fox (contemporary romance; The Deprivation Trilogy book 1)
Attachment Theory by Kayley Loring (romantic comedy; The Brodie Brothers series book 2)
There’s Always Someday by Harloe Rae (neighbors-to-lovers, single dad romance)
Key Change by Heidi Hutchinson (slow burn, rockstar romance; Common Threads series book 3)
The Twins by Arabella Black (MFM, reverse harem romance; San Ricardo series book 3)
The Wanderer by Josie Williams (YA romance)
Vicious Vows by Kristen Luciani (dark, mafia, arranged marriage romance; Reckless Reign Trilogy book 2)
Dear Nicholas by Rose Croft (NA, sports romance; Boys on the Hill series book 2)
Jay’s Redemption by Jax McKay (office romance; Ares Falls Billionaires series book 2)
Jingle Bell Hell by A.R. Casella & Denise Grover Swank (romantic comedy; Bad Luck Club series book 2)
Scorch by Tana Stone (sci-fi romance; Inferno Force of the Drexian Warriors series book 2)
Dark Prince by Jagger Cole (dark, Bratva romance)
Use Me by MJ Fields & Chelsea Camaron (contemporary romance; Redemption Road series book 2)
Pumpkin Patch Hijinks by Andrea Marie (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 3)

turnover incubastard single girl rules #bff brave love fractured attachment theory there's always someday key change the twins the wanderer vicious vows dear nicholas jay's redemption jingle bell hell scorch dark prince use me pumpkin patch hijinks

Forever by Harlow Layne (enemies-to-lovers romance; Rosewood series book 2)
Shattered Mirrors by Norma Marie (contemporary romance; The Mirror series book 2)
Kings of Blood & Money by Ker Dukey (mafia romance; Underworld Kings series book 4)
Forever with the Nurse by Allie York (contemporary romance novella; The Forever Collection book 4)
Love & Sins by J.A. Owenby (NA, contemporary romance; The Love & Ruin series prequel)
When You Were Mine by Mila Nicks (second chance romance; Blue Collar Romance series book 6)
Say Yes to the Boss by Olivia Hayle (marriage of convenience romance; New York Billionaires series book 3)
Obsessed Cowboy by Hope Ford (small town romance; Whiskey Run: Cowboys Love Curves series book 2)

forever shattered mirrors kings of blood & money forever with the nurse love & sins when you were mine say yes to the boss obsessed cowboy

Full Hart by Whitley Cox (second chance, holiday romance; The Harty Boys series book 5)
Witch, Please by Willow Sanders (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 4)

full hart witch please

Park Avenue Pretender by Crystal Perkins (contemporary romance; a Cocky Hero Club novel)
Sacrifice by Brooke O’Brien (contemporary romance; a Salvation Society novel)
Affliction by J.L. Stray (contemporary romance; a Salvation Society novel)
Love Spell by Allie York (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 5)

park avenue pretender sacrifice affliction love spell

That Girl by Jennilynn Wyer (enemies-to-lovers, second chance romance; Fallen Brook series book 4)
The Dream Keepers by Ali Lucia Sky (NA, paranormal romance; The Powers That Be series book 1)
Bring Me Home by Nicola Haken (contemporary romance)
Not Seeking Mr. Right by Natasha Moore (contemporary romance)
Trick or Tequila by Eve London (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 6)

that girl the dream keepers bring me home not seeking mr. right trick or tequila

Evil Queen: A Charity Anthology (22-author novella collection)
1012 Curvy Way by Shaw Hart & Cameron Hart (small town romance novella; A Cherry Falls Romance series book 38)
To Trust Again by Kathryn Shay (contemporary romance; Sisters of Fire series book 6)
Breaking the Rules by Kendall Ryan (sports romance novella; Hot Jocks series book 8)
Bexley’s Biker by Misty Walker (forbidden, MC romance; RBMC: Reno, NV series book 3)
Rebel Yule by Kate Meader (sports, holiday romance; Rookie Rebels series book 6)
He Said Never by Ruth Cardello (contemporary, billionaire romance; The Lost Corisis series book 2)
Just One Chance by Carly Phillips (contemporary romance; The Kingston Family series book 3)
Finally You by Claudia Burgoa (small town, romantic comedy; Luna Harbor series book 1)
Mafia Queen by CD Reiss (romantic suspense; The DiLustro Arrangement series book 3)
Forever Oblivion by Alexa Padgett (rockstar romance; Oblivion series book 4)
Boyfriend by Sarina Bowen (NA, sports romance; Moo U Hockey series book 11)
Haunted House by Heather Graham (holiday, romantic suspense; a Krewe of Hunters novella, 1001 Dark Nights)
How to Lose a Girl in 10 Texts by Delancey Stewart & Marika Ray (romantic comedy; Digital Dating series book 4)
Kiss of Death by Mary Elizabeth (mafia romance; Underworld Kings series book 5)
Forever Mine by Iris Morland (small town romance; Hazel Island series book 1)
La Famiglia by H.L. Packer (NA, romantic suspense; The Fated series book 5)
Ricardo’s Collisions by Edward & Christina Sledge (romantic thriller; The Desire Family Saga book 1)
Temptation After Dark by Marie Force (contemporary romance; Gansett Island series book 23)
Deadly Kiss by April Marie (PNR/vampire, FF romance; The Immortal Reign series book 1)
All the Sauce by Toni Aleo (sports romance; IceCats series book 4)
Ricochet by Cole Lepley (NA, sports romance; Fastball series book 1)
Bewitching the Beast by Fern Fraser (friends-to-lovers romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 7)
River’s Mystic Crush by Natalie Ann (small town romance; Mystic – Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection book 1)

evil queen anthology 1012 curvy way to trust again breaking the rules bexley's biker rebel yule he said never just one chance finally you mafia queen forever oblivion boyfriend haunted house how to lose a girl in 10 texts kiss of death forever mine la famiglia ricardo's collisions temptation after dark deadly kiss all the sauce ricochet bewitching the beast river's mystic crush

Trust by Raven Jayne (contemporary, erotic romance; Master Class series book 7)
Triple Beat by Ann Grech (MMF romance; Rule of Three series book 2)
Lockdown Lust by Dawn Edwards (contemporary romance; The Bookworm Beauties series book 2)
To Touch You by Bella J. (age gap romance)
The Hacker by Anna Hackett (military romance; Norcross Security series book 5)
His Leading Man by Stacey Wallace (NA, MM romance; Love At First Kiss series book 11)
Three Little Words by Madison Park (YA/NA, contemporary romance)
His Halloween Angel by Ember Davis (instalove romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 8)

trust triple beat lockdown lust to touch you the hacker his leading man three little words his halloween angel

Missing Maverick by Anna Brooks (small town, second chance romance; Ryder Ranch series book 3)
The Nanny and the Hothead by Krista Sandor (romantic comedy; Nanny Love Match series book 2)
Inked Kingdom by Carrie Ann Ryan (mafia romance; Underworld Kings series book 6)
Twisted Queen by Penelope Black (dark, mafia romance; Five Families series book 2)
The Boss by Melanie Moreland (romantic suspense; Men of Hidden Justice series book 1)
The Certainty of Chance by Jacquelyn Middleton (holiday romance)
Hopelessly Devoted by Piper Sheldon (forced proximity, MM romance; Scorned Women Society series book 4)
Love in a Pickle by L.B. Dunbar (small town romance; Green Valley Library series book 9)
Opal by Melody Anne (contemporary romance; Twelve Horizons of Charlie series book 5)
The Lost Fisherman by Jewel E. Ann (age gap, enemies-to-lovers boss/employee romance; Fisherman series book 2)
The Final Period by Samantha Lind (sports romance; Indianapolis Eagles series book 10)
Read Between the Stars by Natalie Parker (contemporary romance; Turn It Up series book 5)
Unrivaled by Jerica MacMillan (secret baby, enemies-to-lovers, sports romance)
The Doctor by Harlow Layne (contemporary romance; Love is Blind series book 4)
Coded by Rachel Radner (friends-to-lovers, contemporary romance; The Everyday Heroes World)
Burn for Me by Sara Cate (dark, bully romance; Spitfire series book 1)
The Power of Three Love Box Set Collection by Leigh Lennon (ménage romance series)
Rejecting Fate: The Complete Series by Skye Alder (PNR, office romance collection)
Take Me to the River by Kaci Rose (contemporary, romantic suspense; Mountain Men of Whiskey River series book 1)
Play by Abbi Cook (dark, billionaire romance; Villains Club series book 4)
Corrupt Gods by Cora Kenborn & Catherine Wiltcher (dark, mafia romance collection)
Wicked Wishes by Dee Ellis (military romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 9)
Marked by Sarah Darlington (NA, contemporary romance; Kill Devil Ink series book 2)

maverick the nanny and the hothead inked kingdom twisted queen the boss the certainty of chance hopelessly devoted love in a pickle opal the lost fisherman the final period read between the stars unrivaled the doctor coded burn for me the power of three love rejecting fate take me to the river play corrupt gods wicked wishes marked

A Beauty So Cursed by Beena Khan (mafia romance; Beauty & The Beast series book 4)
Infinity by Cameron Hart (BBW romance; Rosewood series book 3)
Hellmouth & Hot Flashes by Brenda Trim (PNR, women’s fiction; Mystical Midlife in Maine series book 3)
The Bratva’s Heir by Jane Henry & Sophie Lark (mafia romance; Underworld Kings series book 7)
Summer at the Ranch by Taylor Jade (contemporary romance)
The Italian Son by N.J. Adel (mafia romance; Forbidden Cruel Italians series book 4)
Unchained by Samantha Wilde (dark, romantic suspense; Blood Brothers series book 3)
The Life Plan by Phoebe S. Rios (contemporary romance; The Plan series book 1)
Speeding Hearts by Claire Wilder (friends-to-lovers romance; Blue Collar Romance series book 7)
Scandals & Love Songs by Lashell Collins (PNR, romantic mystery; Isaac Taylor Mysteries series book 7)
Change on the Fly by Maren Moore (single dad, sports romance; Totally Pucked series book 1)
Head Over Feels by S.L. Scott (friends-to-lovers romance)
Famous Last Words by C.W. Farnsworth (sports romance)
Until Melissa by AJ Alexander (contemporary romance)
Virgin Cowboy by Kat Baxter (small town romance; Whiskey Run: Cowboys Love Curves series book 3)
Wish Upon a Star by Jasinda Wilder (NA, contemporary romance)
One Night Fright by Phoebe Buck (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 10)
Giselle by Carmen Rosales (dark, fighter romance)
Deceptive Vows by Faith Summers (dark, mafia, arranged marriage romance)
One Eye by K.L. Savage (dark, romantic suspense; Ruthless Kings MC Atlantic City series book 3)

a beauty so cursed infinity hellmouth and hot flashes the bratva's heir summer at the ranch the italian son unchained the life plan speeding hearts scandals & love songs change on the fly head over feels famous last words until melissa virgin cowboy wish upon a star one night fright giselle deceptive vows one eye

The Halloween Mixup by M. Andrews (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 11)

the halloween mixup

Sizzling Chauffeur by Elouise East (contemporary romance; a Cocky Hero Club novel)
Her Older Halloween Treat by Khloe Summers (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 12)

sizzling chauffeur her older halloween treat

Infamous Like Us by Krista & Becca Ritchie (MFM romance; Like Us series book 10)
The Hardest Hit by Bethany Maines (contemporary, romantic suspense; The Deveraux Legacy series book 3)
Billionaire Mogul – Beckett by Scarlett Avery (opposites attract romance; Billionaire Moguls series book 1)
The Splintering Place by Venessa Kimball (psychological thriller)
Shameless by Abby Brooks (small town, single dad romance; A Wildrose Landing Romance series book 2)
The Boyfriend Pact by Emily Robertson (NA romance novella; The All-American Boy series book 16)
Wild in Captivity by Samanthe Beck (contemporary, romantic comedy; The Captivity Alaska series book 1)
Pretty Obsessed by J.R. Gray (rockstar romance; Pretty Broken series book 1)
No Player Required by JoAnn Sky (contemporary romance; Biggest Little Love Story series book 3)
The Alchemy of Desire by Sloane Calder (paranormal romance; Natura Elementals series book 4)
Catfishing in Craig by Katy Regnery (small town romance; An Odds-Are-Good Standalone Romance series book 5)

infamous like us the hardest hit billionaire mogul beckett the splintering place shameless the boyfriend pact wild in captivity pretty obsessed no player required the alchemy of desire catfished in craig

Serendipity by Kristen Proby (paranormal romance; Bayou Magic series book 3)
Finding Kenna by Susan Stoker (military, romantic suspense; SEAL Team Hawaii series book 3)
Saving Dani by Ellie Masters (romantic suspense; The One I Want series book 4)
House of Shadows by K.A. Linde (PNR, fantasy romance; Royal Houses series book 2)
The Grifter by Kimberly Kincaid (romantic suspense)
Sealed With A Kiss by Erin Nicholas (opposites attract, romantic comedy; Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild series book 4)
1019 Cherry Pie Ave. by L. Nicole (small town romance novella; A Cherry Falls Romance series book 39)
Watch Me Land by C.E. Johnson (romantic suspense; Elements of the Hearts series book 4)
Red Sin by Aleatha Romig (contemporary, age gap, romantic suspense; Sin series book 1)
Holiday Fake-Out (22 holiday romances)
A Shadow in the Ember by Jennifer L. Armentrout (PNR, fantasy romance; Flesh and Fire series book 1)
Nobody Does It Better by Samantha Chase (contemporary romance; Magnolia Sound series book 9)
Love Language by Emma Hart (romantic comedy; The Aristocrat Diaries series book 1)
The Temptation by Nikki Sloane (billionaire romance; Filthy Rich Americans series book 5)
Pretty Little Dolls Series by Ker Dukey & K. Webster (4 stalker/captive romances)
Rewind by Kat Mizera (rockstar romance; Rock Hard series book 3)
Violent Attraction by Jocelyne Soto (cartel romance; Flor de Muertos series book 2)
Forcing You Away by Kennedy Fox (contemporary romance; Lawton Ridge Duet series book 5)
What If I Never? by Lisa Renee Jones (billionaire, romantic suspense; Neckless Trilogy book 1)
Boy Business by Megan Matthews (opposites attract romance novella; The All-American Boy series book 17)
Founded on Temptation by Kat Singleton (NA, contemporary romance; The Mixtape series book 2)
To Kiss a Demon by Stephanie Rowe (paranormal romance; Immortally Sexy series book 4)
Save Me by Stacey Kennedy (contemporary romance; Phoenix series book 3)
Promise Me Forever by Layla Hagen (single dad romance)
Blind Date by Monica Murphy (romantic comedy; Dating series book 7)
Ellyn & the Would-Be Gigolo by Pru Warren (romantic comedy; The Ampersand series book 3)
The Baby-whisperer and the Brute by Tru Taylor (small town, single dad romance; Eastport Bay Billionaires series book 4)
Daddy in Disguise by Rebecca Gallo (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 13)
Only One Regret by Natasha Madison (sports romance; Only One series book 5)
Luke’s Mystic Romance by Suzanne Jenkins (small town romance; Mystic – Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection book 2)

serendipity finding kenna saving dani house of shadows the grifter sealed with a kiss 1019 cherry pie ave watch me land red sin holiday fake-out a shadow in the ember nobody does it better love language the temptation the pretty little dolls series rewind violent attraction forcing you away what if i never boy business founded on temptation to kiss of demon save me promise me forever blind date ellyn & the would-be gigolo the baby-whisperer and the brute daddy in disguise only one regret luke's mystic romance

Tainted by Andi Jaxon (MM romance)
Whisperwind by Cat Porter (friends-to-lovers, rockstar romance; The Wind & the Roar Trilogy book 3)
Spark of Fate by Tessa Hale (PNR, reverse harem romance; The Shifting Fate series book 1)
There Are No Saints by Sophie Lark (dark romance; Sinners Duet book 1)
Moonlight in Magnolia Bloom by Paula Adler (contemporary romance; Magnolia Bloom series book 4)
Twice the Hate by Darcy Rose & Faith Everly (MFM, bully romance)

tainted whisperwind spark of fate there are no saints moonlight in magnolia bloom twice the hate

Filthy Secret by Serena Akeroyd (dark, mafia romance; The Five Points’ Mob Collection series book 6)
The Commoner and the Correspondent by Heather Slade (romantic suspense; The Royal Agents of MI6 series book 3)
No Strings by Nikki Ash (contemporary, single dad romance)
Touchdown by Lisa Suzanne (sports romance; Vegas Aces: The Quarterback series book 5)
Falling for My Plus One by Dakota Davies (small town, fake relationship romance; Falling Hard series book 4)
Quiet Secrets by J.L. Drake (mafia romance; Quiet Mafia series book 2)
Rush by S.M. West (opposites attract, rockstar romance; Trojan series book 4)
Before and After You by Hope Ellis (enemies-to-lovers romance; Leffersbee series book 2)
Heart of Stone by Ariana Rose (contemporary romance; The Stone series book 4)
Boy, I’m Yours by Molly McLain (NA, cowboy romance novella; The All-American Boy series book 18)
Engage by Kate Stacy (contemporary romance; The Everyday Heroes World)
Kisser of Death by M.H.B. (dark, contemporary romance; Kisses of Sorrow series book 1)
Wicked Knight by Tracy Lorraine (dark, YA/NA, bully romance; Knight’s Ridge Empire series book 1)
Matrimonially Yours by Hayley Faiman (fake marriage romance; Astor Family series book 3)
All for You by Jennifer Probst (contemporary romance)
No Ordinary Gentleman by Donna Alam (contemporary, age gap romance)

filthy secret the commoner and the correspondent no strings touchdown falling for my plus one quiet secrets rush before and after you heart of stone boy i'm yours engage kisser of death wicked knight matrimonially yours all for you no ordinary gentleman

At First Sight by Sharon Michalove (romantic suspense; Global Security Unlimited series book 1)
Atonement by Jane Henry (dark romance; Master’s Protégé series book 2)
Broken Playboy by Laura Lee (enemies-to-lovers romance; Windsor Academy series book 4)
Midnight Queen by Kayleigh King (paranormal romance; The Crimson Crown series book 2)
Off Limits by Rebel Wild (single dad, second chance romance; Dare to Love Again Trilogy book 1)
Ruined by Rebecca Wilder (contemporary romance; Destiny Falls series book 2)
Forever Drew by A.K. Steel (second chance romance)
The Professor and His Obsession by V.F. Mason (forbidden romance)
Tricking Mr. Scott by AJ Alexander (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 14)
Tempted Cowboy by Frankie Love (opposites attract romance; Whiskey Run: Cowboys Love Curves series book 3)
This One’s Tricky by Allie York (contemporary, PNR novella; I Put a Spell on You series book 1)

at first sight atonement broken playboy midnight queen off limits ruined forever drew the professor and his obsession tricking mr. scott tempted cowboy this one's tricky

Dirty Doctor by S.E. Roberts (contemporary romance; a Cocky Hero Club novel)
Dead or Alive by Janine Infante Bosco (forbidden romance novella)
Dead Reckoning by Gwyn McNamee (romantic suspense novella; The Scarred Heroes series book 1)
Corrupt by Aubree Valentine (MM romance novella)
Duty by Elizabeth Knox (MM romance novella)
Hustle by Sam JD Hunt (contemporary romance novella)
Condemn by Rae B. Lake (romantic suspense novella; Silent Death Syndicate series book 1)
Search & Find by Darlene Tallman (romantic suspense novella)
Hide & Seek by Liberty Parker (MC romance novella; Rage Ryders Templeton series book 3)
The Weight of Honor by Kristine Allen (romantic suspense novella)
The Weight of Blood by M. Merin (romantic suspense novella)
Jaxson’s Blue Moon by Cyndi Faria (PNR, MC, romantic suspense novella; Timber Cove Wolves MC series book 2)
Cujo’s Rampage by Khloe Wren (PNR, romantic suspense novella; Iron Hammers MC series book 1)
Cuff Linked by C.D. Gorri (PNR/shifter romance novella)
Down in Flames by Elena Kincaid (PNR/shifter romance novella)
Sinful Duty by Nicole Garcia (romantic suspense novella)
The Gamble by Nicole Banks (romantic suspense novella; The Council series book 3)
Possessive by Vivian Wood (dark romance; Black Heart Romance presents Heaven & Hell series book 6)
Spellbound by Ruthie Henrick (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 15)
Toil and Trouble by Khloe Summers (contemporary, PNR novella; I Put a Spell on You series book 2)

dirty doctor dead or alive dead reckoning corrupt duty hustle condemn search & find hide & seek the weight of honor the weight of blood jaxson's blue moon cujo's rampage cuff linked down in flames sinful duty the gamble possessive spellbound toil and trouble

Brooklyn Monroe Wants It All by Karen Booth (romantic comedy; Never Too Late series book 2)
Well Played by Vi Keeland & Penelope Ward (contemporary, sports romance)
Neanderthal by Avery Flynn (romantic comedy; Last Man Standing series book 2)
Second Chance Christmas by Tracy Solheim (second chance, holiday romance; Chances Inlet series book 3)
Belle by Nikki Pennington (dark, romantic suspense)
Jack Kingsley by Nina Levine (second chance romance)
I Kissed a Ghoul by Kat Baxter (brother’s best friend/curvy girl romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 16)

brooklyn monroe wants it all well played neanderthal second chance christmas belle jack kingsley i kissed a ghoul

Man For Me by Laurelin Paige (billionaire romance; a Man In Charge novella, 1001 Dark Nights)
Until April by Aurora Rose Reynolds (contemporary romance; Until Him/Her series book 10)
Cycled by Elise Faber (sports romance; Gold Hockey series book 13)
Inked Devotion by Carrie Ann Ryan (contemporary romance; Montgomery Ink series book 18)
Silent Protector by Katie Reus (romantic suspense; Verona Bay series book 3)
To Desire by Daniella Brodsky (billionaire, age gap romance; Such a Bad Idea Billionaire Romance series book 3)
Tease Me Once by Willow Winters (erotic romance; Shame on You series book 1)
Hold Me Now by J.H. Croix (small town, firefighter romance; Light My Fire series book 2)
Two More Days (charity anthology)
Break by Grahame Claire (contemporary romance; Shaken series book 6)
The Stakes of Faking It by Joanne Rock (fake relationship romance; Brooklyn Nights series book 3)
Home for a Cowboy Christmas by Donna Grant (holiday romance)
Bound by D.D. Larsen (PNR, werewolf/shifter romance; The Academy series book 3)
Sleight of Hand by Marie James (romantic suspense; Blackbridge Security series book 7)
Crave Piper Lawson (forbidden romance)
Hostile Takeover by Lucy Lennox (enemies-to-lovers, MM romance; Hostile Takeover series book 2)
Deception in the Truth by A.B. Medley (romantic suspense)
Indigo Ridge by Devney Perry (small town, enemies-to-lovers romance; The Edens series book 1)
Wild Love by Rebecca Jenshak (sports romance; Campus Nights series book 4)
Martyr’s Promise by Elizabeth Hunter (PNR, mystery; Elemental Covenant series book 2)
Be Still My Heart by Emily McIntire & Sav R. Miller (romantic suspense/thriller)
Rebel North by JB Salsbury (NA, contemporary romance; The North Brothers series book 2)
Blood Oath by Amy McKinley (friends-to-lovers, mafia romance; Mafia Elite series book 2)
The Boy Upstairs by Amanda Shelley (NA, contemporary romance novella; The All-American Boy series book 19)
Hate Me Under the Mistletoe by Kelly Jamieson (holiday romance; Romancing the Rink series book 1)
Memento Mori by Rayvn Salvador (paranormal romance; Haunted New Orleans series book 1)
Out Of The Blue by P. Dangelico (small town romance)
The Bromance Zone by Lauren Blakely (friends-to-lovers, MM romance; The Good Guys series book 1)
And Hell Followed by Beckett Riley (dark, taboo romance)
Dangerous Temptation by Giana Darling (contemporary romance; Dark Dream Duet book 1)
Riggs by Sawyer Bennett (sports romance; Arizona Vengeance series book 11)
Shadow by Colet Abedi (dystopian, sci-fi romance; The Breed series book 2)
Love, Artifacts, and You by Sarah Ready (second chance, contemporary romance; Soul Mates in Romeo Romance series book 4)
April May Fall by Christina Hovland (romantic comedy; Mommy Wars series book 3)
The Wedding Crasher and the Cowboy by Robin Bielman (contemporary romance)
Love by Stacy Stone (rockstar romance; Full Moon series book 6)
Masters of Sensation by Ines Johnson (revers harem, BDSM romance; Her Masters series book 2)
Climbing the Ranks by Nicole James (MC romance; Royal Bastards MC Durango, CO series book 2)
Tough Love 4: Slow Burn Daddy by Maddie Taylor (erotic romance; Tough Love series book 4)
Bound by Angel Payne (contemporary romance; Honor Bound series book 12)
Swept Away at the Masked Ball by Imani Jay (office romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 17)
Enchant Me by J. Kenner (billionaire romance; Stark Saga book 7)
1026 Wild Way by Mandi Beck (small town romance novella; A Cherry Falls Romance series book 40)
Malachi’s Mystic Assignment by Jen Talty (romantic suspense novella; Mystic – Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection book 3)

man for me until april cycled inked devotion silent protector to desire tease me once hold me now two more days break the stakes of faking it home for a cowboy christmas bound sleight of hand crave hostile takeover deception in the truth indigo ridge wild love martyr's promise be still my heart rebel north blood oath the boy upstairs hate me under the mistletoe memento mori out of the blue the bromance zone and hell followed dangerous temptation riggs shadow love artifacts and you april may fall the wedding crasher and the cowboy love masters of sensation climbing the ranks tough love 4 bound swept away at the masked ball enchant me 1026 wild way malachi's mystic assignment

Marriage & Malice by Trisha Wolfe (dark, mafia romance; Underworld Kings series book 7)
Twisted Lover by Sasha Leone (dark, mafia romance; Brutal Reign series book 5)
Ferocious Nightmare by Ivy Mason (billionaire, mafia romance; Dark Throne series book 4)
Oh Boy! by Hope Irving (contemporary romance novella; The All-American Boy series book 20)
Unknown by Andi Burns (NA, secret baby romance; Bainbridge University series book 2)
Pretty Falling Pieces by Isabelle Culpo (contemporary romance)
Ignited by Him by Kylie Kent (dark, contemporary romance; The Merge series book 4)
Stroke of Midnight by Nicole Richard (contemporary romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 18)
Any Witch Way by Carly Keene (instalove romance novella; I Put a Spell on You series book 3)
Wicked Realms (dark, paranormal romance collection)

marriage & malice twisted lover ferocious nightmare oh boy unknown pretty falling pieces ignited by him stroke of midnight any witch way wicked realms

Wild Fire by A.K. MacBride (brother’s best friend romance; Breathing Hearts series book 3)
Renegade Rose by Leila James (dark, enemies-to-lovers romance; Rosehaven Academy series book 9)
Puck Shy by Teagan Hunter (sports, romantic comedy; Carolina Comets series book 1)
Serpentine by Melody Anne (contemporary romance; Twelve Horizons of Charlie series book 6)
Doc by Penny Dee (MC, romantic suspense; The Kings of Mayhem MC Tennessee series book 2)
The Book Boyfriend by Carina Rose (contemporary romance)
Sever by Caitlyn Dare (dark, YA romance; Savage Falls Sinners MC series book 4)
The Calamity by Jennifer Millikin (contemporary romance; Hayden Family series book 4)
Main Street  Dealmaker by Brighton Walsh (enemies-to-lovers romance; Holidays in Havenbrook series book 1)
Enflamed by Shea Brighton (contemporary romance; The Everyday Heroes World)
A True King by S.E. Rose (royal romance; The Poisoned Pawn series book 4)
Sealed by Laura Pavlov (small town, fake relationship romance; Willow Springs series book 4)
Hate Me by Casey Hagen (contemporary romance; So Wrong It’s Right series book 5)
Taming of the Crew by Xavier Neal (NA, sports, romantic comedy; The Hockey Gods series book 5)
Defending Hope by Erin Brockus (contemporary romance; Half Moon Bay series book 2)
Tricked into Love by K.L. Humphreys (single mom romance; Halloween Steam series book 19)
Ace by Mckenna James (contemporary romance; Vegas Kings series book 3)
In His Eyes by Michelle Mankin (enemies-to-lovers, rockstar romance)
Tempting Country by L. Wilder (MC romance; Ruthless Sinners MC series book 6)
The Trickster’s Treat by Kameron Claire (second chance romance novella; I Put a Spell on You series book 4)
Blue Love by MJ Fields (NA, sports romance; The Blue Valley series book 1)

wild fire renegade rose puck shy serpentine doc the book boyfriend sever the calamity main street dealmaker enflamed a true king sealed hate me taming of the crew defending hope tricked into love ace in his eyes tempting country the trickster's treat blue love

Nightshade by Keri Lake (dark, paranormal, gothic romance)
King of Corium by C. Hallman & J.L. Beck (dark, enemies-to-lovers, bully romance; Corium University series book 1)
Forever with the Trucker by Allie York (age gap romance novella; The Forever Collection book 4)
The Den of Sin by Eva Winners (dark, mafia, holiday romance)
Force of Gravity by Melissa Toppen (enemies-to-lovers romance)
The Bookseller of Dachau by Shari J. Ryan (historical, women’s fiction)
Do No Evil by Ivy Fox (dark, NA romance; The Society series book 5)
Stranger by JJ Grice (romantic suspense; Dark Matter Security series book 1)
Whiskey Moon by Winter Renshaw (contemporary romance)
Insta [FAM] by Tamsyn Bester & Robin Ash (romantic comedy; (App) series book 4)
Until Mic by Evan Grace (contemporary romance)
Grave Mistake by Nikki Landis (MC romance; RBMC Tonopah NV series book 6)
City Magic by EmKay Connor (office romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 19)
Takedown by Evelyn Sola (accidental marriage romance)
Committed Cowboy by Kaci Rose (friends-to-lovers romance; Whiskey Run: Cowboys Love Curves series book 4)
Pick Your Poison by Emma Nichole (PNR, instalust romance novella; I Put a Spell on You series book 5)
A Very Mountain Man Halloween by Shaw Hart (contemporary, holiday romance novella; Fallen Peak series book 2)
Rebel by Winter Travers (MC romance; Royal Bastards MC: Sacramento series book 4)

nightshade king of corium forever with the trucker the den of sin force of gravity the bookseller of dachau do no evil stranger whiskey moon insta fam until mic grave mistake city magic takedown committed cowboy pick your poison a very mountain man halloween rebel

By Chance by Sigal Ehrlich (rockstar, romantic comedy; Poison & Wine series book 2)
Blood & Bones: Dodge by Jeanne St. James (age gap romance; Blood Fury MC series book 10)
The Widow Maker by Isabella Starling & Kendall Hawkins (dark, cartel romance; Dark Vows Duet book 2)
Blood Bound by Lana Sky (dark, cartel romance; Dinero de Sangre series book 3)
Cruel Intentions by C Standing (NA romance novella; Halloween Steam series book 20)
Spooked by the Mountain Man by Poppy Parkes (small town, instalove romance novella; I Put a Spell on You series book 6)

by chance dodge the widow maker blood bound cruel intentions spooked by the mountain man

The Ruthless Gangster by Avery Kane (NA romance; Shadows Sinners series book 1)
Thieves’ Honor by Kate King by Jessa Wilder (dark, reverse harem romance; The Gentlemen series book 2)
Need 2 Have U by Alexandra Silva & Sophie Blue (single dad romance; Sweet Vine series book 3)
Heartbreak Hitter by Kimberly Readnour (contemporary romance; a Cocky Hero Club novel)
Crazy for You by Kylie Stewart (contemporary romance novella)
Still Falling for You by Siobhan Davis (second chance romance)
The Truth by Lauren Landish (romantic comedy)
Ground Zero by April Canavan (romantic suspense; Birch County Fire series book 1)
Penalty Box by Casey Hagen (small town romance)
Hero by M.N. Forgy (dark romance)
Hate You by Logan Fox (dark, stepbrother, bully romance)

the ruthless gangster thieves honor need 2 have u heartbreak hitter crazy for you still falling for you the truth ground zero penalty box hero hate you