May 2022


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✰✰ NEW RELEASES in MAY 2022 ✰✰

Spring’s Second Chance by J. Sterling (second chance romance; Fun For the Holiday’s series book 4)
Mustard Been You by Eve London (small town, enemies-to-lovers romance novella; Sycamore Mountain series book 9)
A Sinful Classroom by Mika Lane (student/teacher, reverse harem romance; Study Hard series book 3)
We’ll Always Have Paris by Matilda Martel (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 1)
Dark Redemption by Avelyn Paige & Geri Glenn (romantic suspense; Black Hoods MC series book 6)
Rip Tide by Leigh Lennon (MMF romance; Threes in the Keys series book 2)

spring's second chance mustard been you a sinful classroom we'll always have paris dark redemption rip tide

The Prince’s Poisoned Vow by Hailey Turner (MM, fantasy romance; Infernal War Saga book 1)
The Widower Takes a Wife by Bree Weeks (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 2)
Ruthless by Christine Besze (romantic suspense; Revenge series book 3)
Goodbye Never by Prescott Lane (slow burn, friends-to-lovers, military romance)
The Gutshot by Giulia Lagomarsino (small town romance; A Good Run Of Bad Luck series book 10)
United Reign by Kylie Kent (dark, mafia romance; Valentino Empire series book 3)
Venom and Vice by Jill Ramsower (urban fantasy romance; Of Myth and Man series book 2)
Let Me Stay by Aria Bliss (friends-to-lovers, romantic comedy; A Drunk Love Romantic Comedy series book 2)
Owned by a Sinner by Michelle Heard (mafia romance)

the prince's poisoned vow the widower takes a wife ruthless goodbye never the gutshot united reign venom & vice let me stay owned by a sinner

Ruthless Rival by L.J. Shen (second chance, enemies-to-lovers romance)
Want by Cole Denton (contemporary romance; The Desire Trilogy book 2)
Sinful Crown by Eleanor Aldrick (forbidden, age gap romance; Crown Brothers series book 3)
Double Twist by Stephanie Rowe (cozy mystery; Mia Murphy series book 1)
A Love So Bright by Persephone Autumn (enemies-to-lovers romance; Bay Area Duet series book 6)
The Mrs. Degree by Sara Ney (secret baby, second chance romance; Accidentally In Love series book 2)
By the Book by Jasmine Guillory (contemporary romance; Meant To Be series book 2)
Family Bonds – Bode & Samantha by Natalie Ann (contemporary romance; Amore Island series book 9)
Daddy’s Saving by Pepper North (taboo, billionaire romance; ABC Towers series book 3)
Blank Tapes by Melissa Brown (NA romance; The Spotlight Video series book 2)
My Escort by Kelly Gendron (romantic suspense; A Different Kind of Escort Service series book 1)

ruthless rival want sinful crown double twist a love so bright the mrs. degree by the book family bonds - bode & samantha daddy's saving blank tapes my escort

The Deal With Love by Karla Doyle (instalove, age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 3)
Hustler’s Hope by Naomi Porter (MC romance; Knight’s Legion MC: North Dakota Chapter series book 2)
Protected by My Roommate by Cameron Hart (curvy girl, age gap romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 1)
The Comic Con by Dee Lagasse (fake relationship romance; The Suffra-Jettes series book 1)
Heartbreaker Boy by Lexi Noir (second chance romance novella; All-American Boy series book 10)
First and Forever by Eve Dangerfield (fake relationship, contemporary romance; Rebirth series book 3)

the deal with love hustler's hope protected by my roommate the comic con heartbreaker boy first and forever

Harley by Marie James (MC romance; Cerberus MC series book 21)
In Between by Andi Jaxon (MMF romance; Love is Love series book 3)
A Sweet Nothing by Anastasia Fenne (contemporary romance)
Misconduct & Manipulation by Janine Infante Bosco (dark, mafia, sports romance; Power & Privilege series book 3)
Faking It with My Roommate by Khloe Summers (enemies-to-lovers, age gap romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 2)
Reckless Princess by Tracy Lorraine (YA/NA, dark, bully romance; Knight’s Ridge Empire series book 8)
Meet Again by Abi Sabina (second chance, romantic comedy; Meet Cute series book 1)
Her Mercenary by Amanda McKinney (romantic suspense; Steele Shadows series book 7)
Chase Her by Kelly Finley (romantic suspense; Come for Me series book 3)
No Matter What Happens by Kelly Collins (romantic comedy)
Mr. Brightside by Abby Millsaps (MM romance; Then and Now series book 2)
Deception by Delta James (paranormal mystery romance; Masters of Valor series book 2)
Dublin Ink by Sienna Blake (age gap, enemies-to-lovers romance)
Empire of Lust by Rina Kent (enemies-with-benefits romance)
Fly Boy by Chloe Holiday (second chance romance novella; All-American Boy series book 11)
Dark Desires by Vi Carter (dark, mafia romance)
Neanderthal Seeks Duchess by Laney Hatcher (historical romance; London Ladies Embroidery series book 1)
No Ordinary Hate by Whitney Dineen & Melanie Summers (small town romance; A Gamble of Love Mom Com series book 1)
A Rival’s Kiss by Maya Hughes (NA, sports romance; Fulton U Rivals series book 3)
Wreckage of My Life by Andie Bale (romantic suspense; Wrecked series book 1)
Master of Death by M.H.B. (contemporary romance; Kisses of Sorrow series book 2)
Dreams of You by Carina Adams (NA romance)
Scoring the Player by S.M. West (sports romance; 6ix Loves series book 2)

harley in between a sweet nothing misconduct & manipulation faking it with my roommate reckless princess meet again her mercenary chase her no matter what happens mr. brightside deception dublin ink empire of lust fly boy dark desires neanderthal seeks duchess no ordinary hate a rival's kiss wreckage of my life master of death dreams of you scoring the player

Tempted by My Roommate by Shaw Hart (contemporary romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 3)
Cadaver on Canal Street by Brenda Trim (paranormal women’s fiction; Twisted Sisters Midlife Maelstrom series book 2)
Dirty Secret by M.K. Moore (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 4)
Somewhere in Between by Natalie Parker (rockstar, age gap romance; Turn it Up series book 7)
Kiss and Fake Up by Carrie Aarons (second chance romance)
Learning His Lesson by Ellen Brooks (contemporary romance)
Kiss Me Forever by Anna B. Doe (sports romance novella; Blairwood University series book 8)
Thirst by L.A. Wayward (dark, stalker romance)
Until Arden by Skye Callahan (contemporary romance)

tempted by my roommate cadaver on canal street dirty secret somewhere in between kiss and fake up learning his lesson kiss me forever thirst until arden

Truth or Kill by A.C. Kramer (dark romance; Twisted Legends Collection series book 2)

truth or kill

Beautiful Monster by J.L. Beck & S. Rena (dark, stalker, mafia romance; Dark Lies Duet book 2)

beautiful monster

Waiting for Her by S.A. Clayton (brother’s best friend romance; Harbour Cove series book 3)
Stalked by My Roommate by Matilda Martel (contemporary romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 4)
Across the Aisle by Stephanie Vance (romantic comedy)
Evil Empire by Kristen Luciani (dark, mafia, age gap romance; Ruthless Revenge series book 3)
Alpha’s Bond by Cassandra Faye (dark, reverse harem, omegaverse romance; The Clarity series book 3)
Save Me by Taylor K. Scott (dark romance; Mayfield series book 1)

waiting for her stalked by my roommate across the aisle evil empire alpha's bond save me

Finding Monica by Susan Stoker (military, romantic suspense; SEAL Team Hawaii series book 4)
Starry-Eyed Love by Helena Hunting (romantic comedy)
Darkly Ever After (dark romance anthology)
The Rogue by Kimberly Kincaid (cop/firefighter, romantic suspense; The Intelligence Unit series book 4)
Royal by Rebel Shaw (contemporary romance; Club Pivot series book 1)
Can’t Help Love by Claudia Burgoa (second chance, enemies-to-lovers romance; Paradise Bay Billionaire Brothers series book 2)
Savage Reign by Amanda Richardson (reverse harem, bully romance; Savage Hearts series book 3)
Groomed to Perfection by Samantha Chase (contemporary romance; Meet Me at the Altar series book 5)
Changing Lanes by Andie Fenichel (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 5)
Ruthless Sinner by Erika Wilde (mafia romance; Made for the Mafia series book 2)
Fireball by Lainey Davis (enemies-to-lovers, romantic comedy; Bridges and Bitters series book 1)
Moss Manor by Martha Sweeney (historical romance)
Rage Untamed by Dawn Martens (dark, MC romance; Untamed MC series book 2)
Alexius by Bella J. (dark, mafia romance; Dark Sovereign series book 1)
Second Chance At The Riverview Inn by Molly O’Keefe (second chance romance; Riverview Inn series book 5)
A Greene Family Vacation by Piper Rayne (romantic comedy; The Greene Family series novella)
Into the Sunset by S.L. Sterling (contemporary romance)
Rule Breaker by Stacey Lynn (sports romance; Las Vegas Vipers series book 4)
The Wrong Boy by Ashley Munoz (small town, second chance romance novella; All-American Boy series book 12)
Forbidden Bride by Stella Gray (mafia romance; Forbidden series book 1)
Initiate by Jenny Sandiford (urban fantasy; The Shadow Atlas series book 1)
Rock the Shores by Whitley Cox (single dad, rockstar romance)
Lynch’s Rule by L. Wilder (MC romance; Ruthless Sinners MC series book 9)
Midnight Magic (paranormal, urban fantasy romance anthology)
Unholy Addiction by Lynn Burke (MM romance novella; Sinful Natures series book 5)

finding monica starry-eyed love darkly ever after the rogue royal can't help love savage reign groomed to perfection changing lanes ruthless sinner fireball moss manor rage untamed alexius second chance at the riverview inn a greene family vacation into the sunset rule breaker the wrong boy forbidden bride initiate rock the shores lynch's rule midnight magic unholy addiction

Pregnant by My Roommate by Violet Rae (contemporary romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 5)
His Wild Rebel by Ember Davis (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 6)
Never Hide Again by Garnet Christie (romantic suspense)
Forbidden Obsession by J.A. Owenby (dark, NA, bully romance; Whitmore Elite series book 1)
Irresponsible Puckboy by Eden Finley & Saxon James (MM, sports romance; Puckboys series book 2)
Twisted Rage by N. Isabelle Blanco (dark, billionaire romance; Siege series book 2)
Pageant by Lilith Vincent (mafia, reverse harem romance; Pageant series book 1)
Love & Lyrics by Savannah Maris (second chance romance)
On the Edge by Aleatha Romig (NA, romantic thriller)
Reaper by Savannah Rylan (MC romance; Steel Scorpions MC series book 5)

pregnant by my roommate his wild rebel never hide again forbidden obsession irresponsible puckboy twisted rage pageant love and lyrics on the edge (ar) reaper

His Stakes by Angel Rayne (dark, mafia romance; His Obsession series book 2)
Perfect Rumors by C.A. Harms (small town, second chance romance; Mason Creek series book 22)
Departed Whispers by J. Rose (paranormal, reverse harem romance; Twisted Legends Collection series book 3)
Hot Shot’s Mistake by Gina Azzi (sports romance; Tennessee Thunderbolts series book 1)
Scandalous Little Obsession by Rachael Brownell (forbidden romance; Lake State University series book 5)
Schooled by My Roommate by Piper Cook (curvy girl, enemies-to-lovers romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 5)
Killer Moves by Tawna Fenske (surprise baby, suspenseful, romantic comedy; Assassins in Love series book 2)
Finding Love in Italy by Ja’Nese Dixon (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 6)
A Man of Prestige by S.E. Rose (romantic suspense; The Kingmakers of Kensington series book 3)
Twisted in Flames by Rory Ireland (dark, taboo romance; Woodsboro Duet book 1)
Devil’s Breath by Lang Johnson (dark, romantic suspense)
All the Little Things by Rachel Leigh (slow burn, friends-to-lovers romance)
Seduction by Ivy Smoak (erotic romance)
Collateral Damage by Amy McKinley (second chance, mafia romance; Mafia Elite series book 6)
Changing the Game by Carmen Rosales (sports romance)
The Lawn Boy by Taylor Delong (small town romance novella; All-American Boy series book 13)
Honestly Yours by Jaime Reese (MM, age gap romance)
Eagan by Ava Pearl (dark, mafia romance; O’Malley Brothers series book 2)

his stakes perfect rumor departed whispers hot shot's mistake scandalous little obsession schooled by my roommate killer moves finding love in italy a man of prestige twisted in flames devil's breath all the little things seduction collateral damage changing the game the lawn boy honestly yours eagan

Over Time by Ella Kade (MM, student/teacher romance; Willow Bay series book 3)
Ever Wilde by H.K. Jacobs (women’s fiction romance; Alex Wilde series book 3)
Angel By Moonlight by Tamrin Banks (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 7)
Screwed by My Roommate by Heather Dahlgren (brother’s best friend romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 6)
Sweet Ferocity by Zoe Blake (dark, mafia romance; Ruthless Obsession series book 5)
Ruthless Kingdom by Becca Steele & C. Lymari (reverse harem romance; Boneyard Kings series book 3)
Furore by N.J. Adel (dark, MC romance; The Night Skulls MC series book 1)

over time ever wilde angel by moonlight screwed by my roommate sweet ferocity ruthless kingdom furore

The Billionaire’s Possession by Bri Blackwood (dark, billionaire romance; The Ruthless Billionaire Trilogy book 2)

the billionaire's possession

Because of the Brave by Mellie Callahan (small town, military romance novella; Sycamore Mountain series book 10)
Sofia by Nikki Rome (billionaire romance; The Corsetti Empire series book 3)
Immoral by Maggie Cole (dark, mafia romance; Mafia Wars New York series book 2)
The Maverick by Lola West (enemies-to-lovers, rockstar romance; With The Bank series book 1)

because of the brave sofia immoral the maverick

Abraham by D. Williams (MC romance; A MorningStar MC series book 11)
Forbidden Office Daddy by Carmen Falcone (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 8)
Teased by My Roommate by Haley Travis (instalove romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 7)
Dirty Ledger by Alta Hensley & Livia Grant (dark, romantic suspense; Dark Pen series book 2)
Hinder by Anna Brooks (romantic suspense; Guarding Her series book 11)
Knocked Up in Alaska by Samanthe Beck (military, romantic comedy; Captivity, Alaska series book 3)
Stolen Desire by Lauren J. Runow (dark, romantic suspense)
What You Give by Zee Irwin (billionaire romance; Steele Valley Billionaires series book 1)
Her Ruthless Warrior by R.G. Angel (age gap, mafia romance; The Syndicates series book 1)
The Player and the Single Mom by Erin McCarthy (friends-with-benefits romance; The Legends series book 5)

abraham forbidden office daddy teased by my roommate dirty ledger hinder knocked up in alaska stolen desire what you give her ruthless warrior the player and the single mom

Something Wilder by Christina Lauren (romantic comedy)
Looking for You by Kelly Elliott (contemporary romance; Boggy Creek Valley series book 6)
Guarding Her by Katie Reus (romantic suspense; Red Stone Security series book 18)
The Love List by Elana Johnson (women’s fiction; Hilton Head Island series book 1)
Red Velvet by Pepper North & Paige Michaels (taboo romance; Little Cakes series book 4)
Falling in Eden by Willow Aster (dark, second chance romance; Legends and Lovers series book 5)
Lighthouse Way Kristen Proby (contemporary romance; Huckleberry Bay series book 1)
Hard Pass by Brenda Rothert & Kat Mizera (sports romance; St. Louis Mavericks Hockey series book 3)
Wild About You by Rebecca Jenshak (sports romance)
It Was All The Daisy’s Fault by Elizabeth SaFleur (romantic comedy; The Meet Cute series book 3)
Kiss My Giraffe by Erin Nicholas (small town, enemies-to-lovers, romantic comedy; Boys of the Bayou Gone Wild series book 6)
Snowed In with Silver by Katharine O’Neill (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 9)
Between Bloode and Wolf by Marie Harte (PNR/vampire romance; Between the Shadows series book 4)
Bossed by My Roommate by Penn Rivers (forbidden romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 8)
Married to the Tight End by Carina Rose (sports romance; A Never Say Never Football Romance series book 2)
Hot Mountain Man Summer by Poppy Parkes (age gap romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 1)
Love You Like That by Scarlett Cole (rockstar romance; Excess All Areas series book 4)
Only Rivals by Charity Ferrell (enemies-to-lovers romance; Only You series book 1)
June First by Jennifer Hartmann (forbidden romance)
Violent Promises by A.R. Breck (dark, romantic suspense; Blackridge Prep series book 3)
The Midlife Shift by Lia Davis (paranormal, women’s fiction; Packless in Seattle series book 2)
Away Game by Cathryn Fox (NA, sports romance; Scotia Storms series book 1)
Hero by Renee Rose & Vanessa Vale (brother’s best friend romance; Alpha Mountain series book 1)
Wreckage of Me by Andie Bale (romantic suspense; Wrecked series book 2)
Rescued Anthology (contemporary romance collection)
Almost Like You by Karen Crompton (NA, contemporary romance)
All Tied Up by Lisa Renee Jones (romantic suspense)
Good Boy…Bad Man by M.K. Moore (contemporary romance novella; All-American Boy series book 14)
In Too Deep by Emma Lee Jayne (brother’s best friend/fake relationship romance; SEAL Team Romeo series book 5)

something wilder looking for you guarding her the love list red velvet falling in eden lighthouse way hard pass wild about you it was all the daisy's fault kiss my giraffe snowed in with silver between bloode and wolf bossed by my roommate married to the tight end hot mountain man summer love you like that only rivals june first violent promises the midlife shift away game alpha mountain hero wreckage of me rescued almost like you all tied up good boy bad man in too deep

Kissed by My Roommate by Ember Davis (instalove romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 9)
In Favor of Forever by Haven Rose (romantic suspense novella; May December Romance series book 10)
Scarred Crown by W. Million (enemies-to-lovers, second chance romance)
Hot Cop Summer by Flora Madison (instalove romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 2)
Then Came Love by Melissa Foster (slow burn, romantic comedy; The Bradens & Montgomerys: Pleasant Hill – Oak Falls series book 9)
On the Edge by Julia Connors (second chance, sports romance)
Homeless Heart by SL Marshall (contemporary romance)
Fallen King by Bella Matthews (age gap, office romance; Restless Kings series book 3)
He Saved My Boy by Amanda Shelley (NA, contemporary romance novella; All-American Boy series book 15)
The Escape by A.K. Steel (billionaire, romantic suspense; Secrets Of The Harper Sisters series book 2)
The Animosity Equation by JR Gray (enemies-to-lovers romance; Love Equations series book 2)
Mr. Sexy Storm Trooper by Josie O’Sullivan (age gap, love triangle romance novella; The Holidates series book 6)
Easy Surrender by Nichole Rose (age gap, BBW/military romance novella; SEAL Team Romeo series book 6)

kissed by my roommate in favor of forever scarred crown hot cop summer then came love on the edge homeless heart fallen king he saved my boy the escape the animosity equation mr. sexy storm trooper easy surrender

Envy by Eva Charles (dark, billionaire romance; Sinful Empire Trilogy book 3)
Caging Grace by Carsen Lane (contemporary, women’s fiction; The Grace series book 1)
Doing Taboo Things by Alex Grayson (taboo romance; Itty Bitty Delights series book 5)
Obsession by K. Loraine & Meg Anne (PNR, rejected mate, shifter romance; The Mate Games series book 1)
Vanquished by Tabetha Waite (historical romance; The Driven World)
Dared by My Roommate by Cassie Mint (opposites attract romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 10)
Gravitate by KE Osborn (MC romance; The NOLA Defiance MC series book 1)
Hot Lumberjack Lovin’ Summer by Dee Ellis (instalove romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 3)
Ryker by Samantha Lind (contemporary, sports romance; San Francisco Shockwaves series book 1)
Love is Here to Stay by Iris Morland (contemporary romance; Hazel Island series book 3)
Broken Ties by L.A. Cotton (friends-to-lovers, sports romance; Rixon High series book 4)
The Atelier Assignment by Annie Dyer (single dad, enemies-to-lovers, billionaire romance; The English Gent Romances series book 2)
Dead Girls Never Talk by S.J. Sylvis (dark, romantic suspense; St. Mary’s series book 3)
Flood Tide by Tracey Jerald (contemporary romance; Devotion series book 2)
Nothing Ventured by Avery Samson (romantic comedy; The New England Romance series book 1)
Adoring Alejandro by Eve Black (unrequited love romance; Falling Down series book 3)
Dulce by Candice Wright (reverse harem romance; The Candy Shop series book 1)
The New Boy by E.S. McMillan (contemporary romance novella; All-American Boy series book 16)
Tempest by Ketley Allison (dark, NA, enemies-to-lovers romance; Titan Falls University series book 1)
Torn & Bound Duet by K. Webster & Nikki Ash (NA, taboo romance)
Spec by Lilly Atlas (MC, romantic suspense; Hell’s Handlers MC Florida Chapter series book 2)
One Night with a Seal by Eve London (age gap, military romance novella; SEAL Team Romeo series book 7)
A Lair So Fateful by Zoey Ellis (fantasy romance; The Last Dragorai series book 4)

envy caging grace doing taboo things obsession vanquished dared by my roommate gravitate hot lumberjack lovin' summer ryker love is here to stay broken ties the atelier assignment dead girls never talk flood tide nothing ventured adoring alejandro dulce the new boy tempest torn and bound duet spec one night with a seal a lair so fateful

Forbidden Muse by Alana Winters (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 11)
The Project by R.L. Mathewson (contemporary, romantic comedy)
Bloody Cruel Psycho by Lucy Smoke (dark romance; Sick Boys series book 5)
Owned by My Roommate by Imani Jay (sports romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 11)
Hot Grumpy Billionaire Summer by Melissa Williams (instalove romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 4)
Formula for Love by Amelia Simone (friends-to-lovers romance; Excelling @ Love series book 1)
Moon Over Hanks Hollow by Rachelle Kampen (YA, fantasy romance; Hanks Hollow series book 1)
Sabrina’s Guide to Searching for Someday by Cynthia A. Rodriguez (age gap, second chance romance; The Guiding series book 3)
Sexy Beast by Rachel Jonas & Nikki Thorne (dark, mafia romance; Kings of Cypress Pointe series book 6)
Tirone by N.J. Adel (dark, MC romance; The Night Skulls MC series book 2)
Until Landon by Leslie Pike (contemporary romance)
Possessing the Princess by Rie Warren (dark, mafia romance; Global Outlaws Syndicate World series book 10)
Small Town Hero by Olivia Hayle (small town romance; Brothers of Paradise series book 4)
Rival Radio by Kathryn Nolan (enemies-to-lovers romance)
City Boy by Evan Grace (contemporary romance novella; All-American Boy series book 17)
Unplugged by Luci Hart (second chance, rockstar romance; The Blue Phoenix series book 3)
Unwanted by Marley Valentine (MM romance; The Unlucky Ones series book 1)
Covert Curves by Kat Baxter (forced proximity/curvy girl romance novella; SEAL Team Romeo series book 8)

forbidden muse the project owned by my roommate hot grumpy billionaire summer formula for love moon over hanks hollow sabrina's someday sexy beast tirone until landon possessing the princess small town hero rival radio city boy unplugged unwanted covert curves

Double Doms by Leigh Lennon (MMF romance; a Cocky Hero Club novel)
Serpent’s Claim by Marina Simcoe (fantasy romance; Serpent’s Touch series book 2)

double doms serpent's claim

Etched in Honor by Carrie Ann Ryan (paranormal romance; Aspen Pack series book 1)
It’s a Widow Thing by Karen Booth (contemporary, women’s fiction; Never Too Late series book 3)
Dance Into My Life by Hayley Faiman (age gap romance; Nasty Bastards MC series book 4)
Rough Patch by Frankie Love (second chance romance; Coming Home to the Mountain series book 4)
One Moore Time by Anna Castor (second chance, firefighter romance; Moore Family series book 2)
Missed Connections by Willow Sanders (age gap, royal romance novella; May December Romance series book 12)
Only a Crush by Delancey Stewart (single dad romance; Kasper Ridge series book 2)
Hot Scottish Summer by Emma Bray (instalove romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 5)
Fate After Fame by Amber Kelly (second chance romance; Balsam Ridge series book 2)
Nothing Feels Better by Brit Benson (single parent, opposites attract romance; Better Love series book 3)
Sophia’s Schooling by Maggie Sims (historical romance; School of Enlightenment series book 1)
Blood and Breath by Jill Ramsower (urban fantasy romance; Of Myth and Man series book 3)
Lady and the Vamp by C.C. Wood (paranormal romance; Mystical Matchmakers series book 2)
Her Heartless King by Ella Jade (arranged marriage, mafia romance; Sold to the Mafia Boss series book 2)
Crown of Crimson by Karina Halle (dark, fantasy romance; Underworld Gods series book 2)
You, Me, and the Experiment by Elle Luckett (BDSM romance; A Club Stigmata Novella series book 5)
Where Our Turn Begins by A.M. Wilson (second chance romance; Arrow Creek series book 4)
Ruthless Devil by Eve L. Mitchell (enemies-to-lovers romance)
Operation Claim Curves by Lana Love (second chance romance novella; SEAL Team Romeo series book 9)
Daemon’s Blood by Lana Sky (dark, paranormal romance; Daemon Blade series book 1)

etched in honor it's a widow thing dance into my life rough patch one moore time missed connections only a crush hot scottish summer fate after fame nothing feels better sophia's schooling blood & breath lady and the vamp her heartless king crown of crimson you me and the experiment where our turn begins ruthless devil operation claim curves daemon's blood

A Real Cowboy Always Comes Home by Stephanie Rowe (contemporary romance; Wyoming Rebels series book 10)
Risky by Aurora Rose Reynolds (contemporary romance; Adventures in Love series book 2)
Tempted by A.K. Evans (military, romantic suspense; Harper Security Ops series book 2)
Bedside Manner by Violet Rae (small town, age gap, instalove romance novella; May December Romance series book 13)
It Takes a Villa by Kilby Blades (contemporary romance)
Hard Count by S.R. Grey (sports romance; Men of Fall series book 5)
Hot Pool Boy Summer by Carly Keene (small town, instalove romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 6)
Wicked Flame by Ella Frank (opposites attract, MM romance; Chicago Heat series book 2)
Rocking Your World by Autumn St. James (best friend’s brother romance; Rocking You series book 1)
Wicked and Forever by Shayla Black (contemporary, romantic suspense; Wicked & Devoted series book 6)
Craving the Fight by L.P. Dover (MMA/fighter, romantic suspense; Gloves Off – Next Generation series book 1)
The One Month Boyfriend by Roxie Noir (fake relationship, romantic comedy)
Lara by C.M. Steele (contemporary romance; Reynolds Ranch series book 1)
Her Rebellion by Natasha Knight & A. Zavarelli (dark romance; The Rite Trilogy book 1)
The Royal and the Rebel by J. Santiago (contemporary romance; Royally Pitched series book 2)
How Much I Want by Marie Force (contemporary romance; Miami Nights series book 4)
First to Fall by Laney Hatcher (friends-to-lovers, historical romance; Bartholomew series book 1)
See Me by Stacey Kennedy (contemporary romance; Phoenix series book 4)
Magic Betrays by Lia Davis (paranormal, romantic suspense; The Randi Sanderson series book 2)
Once Upon an Island by Sarah Ready (romantic comedy)
Exiled by Brenda Rothert (sports romance)
He’s a Keeper by Stacy Travis (opposites attract, sports romance)
Penalty Box by Echo Grayce (small town, second chance romance)
Hated by My Roommate by Logan Chance (enemies-to-lovers romance novella; Shacked Up Love series book 11)
Mountain Man’s Obsession by Pippa Lux (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 14)
The Overseas Nanny Mistake by Rebecca Hunter (contemporary romance; Practically Perfect Nannies series book 5)
Imperfect Intentions by Charmaine Pauls (dark romance; Beauty in Imperfection series book 1)
The Player by Renee Rose (forbidden, mafia, rockstar romance; Chicago Bratva series book 8)
Painted Scars by Neva Altaj (enemies-to-lovers, mafia romance; Perfectly Imperfect series book 1)
Blown Away by Loni Ree (OTT, instalove romance novella; SEAL Team Romeo series book 10)

a real cowboy always comes home risky tempted bedside manner it takes a villa hard count hot pool boy summer wicked flame rocking your world wicked and forever craving the fight the one month boyfriend lara her rebellion the royal and the rebel how much i want first to fall see me magic betrays once upon an island exiled1 he's a keeper penalty box hated by my roommate mountain man's obsession the overseas nanny mistake imperfect intentions the player painted scars blown away

At the Crossroads by Sharon Michalove (romantic suspense; Global Security Unlimited series book 2)
Alexei by Eva Winners (enemies-to-lovers, mafia romance; Belles & Mobsters series book 4)
Nonverbal by Raina Ash (NA, best friend’s brother romance; Love Beyond Words series book 1)
Her Devil Next Door by Abby Knox (age gap romance novella; May December Romance series book 15)
Hot Cowboy Summer by Adriana French (cowboy, instalove romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 7)
Undeniable by Andi Burns (MM romance; Bainbridge University series book 4)
Surrender by Ariana Rose (second chance romance)
Chasing After Forever by Kara Kendrick (small town, billionaire romance; Peachtree Grove series book 3)
Dysfunctional by Isabel Lucero (dark, MM romance)
The Comeback by Alexia Chase (enemies-to-lovers, opposites attract romance; A Sinfully Tempting series book 13)
Because I Need You by Claire Contreras (arranged marriage, mafia romance; Sins & Deceit series book 2)
Shot to the Heart by Emily Bunney (instalove romance novella; SEAL Team Romeo series book 11)

at the crossroads alexei nonverbal her devil next door hot cowboy summer undeniable surrender chasing after forever dysfunctional the comeback because i need you shot to the heart

Rebounding by Jami Davenport (sports romance; Portland Icehawks series book 1)
Perfect Hideaway by Bethany Lopez (small town romance; Mason Creek series book 23)
Shane by Ava Pearl (dark, mafia romance; O’Malley Brothers series book 3)
Thief by Hattie Jude (reverse harem romance; Loxley Prep series book 2)
Hush Baby Hush by Margot Scott (contemporary, age gap romance; Daddy Loves You series book 3)
Hot Forbidden Summer by Piper Cook (age gap, instalove romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 8)
Fallout by Rhian Cahill (single dad, second chance romance; The Everyday Heroes World)
A Kingdom of Flame and Fury by Whitney Dean (dark, fantasy romance; The Four Kingdoms series book 1)
A Callahan Wedding by Monica Murphy (sports romance novella; The Callahans series book 7)
Good Vibrations by Kayley Loring (romantic comedy; The Brodie Brothers series book 3)
My Darling Neighbor by Swati M.H. (enemies-to-lovers, surprise pregnancy romance; Feel the Beat series book 3)
His Win by Angel Rayne (dark, mafia romance; His Obsession series book 3)
Charming Handsome Sheikh by Mahi Mistry (enemies-to-lovers, royal romance; Alluring Rulers of Azmia series book 4)
Wreckage of You by Andie Bale (romantic suspense; Wrecked series book 3)
P.S. Lose This Number by J.S. Cooper (romantic comedy; Cupid in the City series book 3)
Hanson by Kat Savage (reverse age gap, romantic comedy; Men of Bird’s Eye series book 4)
The Wife Win by Sierra Hill (sports romance; The Puget Sound Pilots series book 2)
Camp Crim by Bella Jewel (romantic comedy; Walker Hills series book 3)
Defending My Heart by Barbra Campbell (instalove romance novella; SEAL Team Romeo series book 12)

rebounding perfect hideaway shane thief hush baby hush hot forbidden summer fallout a kingdom of flame and fury a callahan wedding good vibrations my darling neighbor his win charming handsome sheikh wreckage of you p.s. lose this number hanson the wife win camp crim defending my heart

Faith’s Redemption by Savvi V (contemporary romance; Redemption Road series book 3)
Hot Boss Summer by Jessa Joy (age gap, billionaire romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 9)
Careless Whispers by Alexandra Silva & Sophie Blue (small town, sports romance; Silverbell Shore series book 1)
Bishop by Laramie Briscoe (small town, MC romance; Heaven Hill Generations series book 6)
Worse Than Enemies by J.L. Beck (dark, bully romance; North Woods Prep series book 1)
When It Raynes by Montana Fyre (dark, mafia romance; Frost Industries series book 1)
A Vicious Rumor by Ivy Wild (dark, bully romance)
A Night with the Billionaire by Aria Devan (contemporary, billionaire romance; Sin City Billionaires series book 1)
The Net by Colleen Charles (sports romance; Rochester Riot series book 6)
Possessive Wolf by Nikki Landis (paranormal/shifter romance; Cedar Creek Shifters series book 3)
Operation: Wife Her Up by Chloe Maine (instalove romance novella; SEAL Team Romeo series book 13)

faith's redemption hot boss summer careless whispers bishop worse than enemies when it raynes a vicious rumor a night with the billionaire the net possessive wolf operation wife her up

Fractured Brotherhood by Winter Travers (romantic suspense; Devil’s Knights 2nd Generation series book 7)

fractured brotherhood

Staying for Her by S.A. Clayton (fake fiancé romance; Harbour Cove series book 4)
Lone Star Boss by Kat Baxter (cowboy, romantic comedy; Saddle Creek, TX: The Crawfords series book 3)
Hot Dog Summer by Lola West (instalove romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 10)
Talk Flirty to Me by Livy Hart (contemporary, romantic comedy)
SEALing the Deal by Poppy Parkes (second chance, military romance novella; SEAL Team Romeo series book 14)

staying for her lone star boss hot dog summer talk flirty to me sealing the deal

Offside with #55 by Piper Rayne (sports romance; Hockey Hotties series book 6)
Cornered by Kaylea Cross (romantic suspense; Crimson Point Protectors series book 2)
Not a Role Model by Lani Lynn Vale (MC romance; Battle Crows MC series book 4)
Squirrel by Andi Rhodes (MC romance; Soulless Kings MC series book 7)
The Blood Debt by Clarissa Wild (dark romance; Debts & Vengeance series book 2)
Shifting Gears by Melanie Moreland (contemporary romance; Reynolds Restorations series book 3)
Trivial Deceit by Stephanie St. Klaire (romantic suspense; The Keeper’s series book 7)
Hot Drummer Summer by Eve London (instalove romance novella; Hot H.E.A. Summer series book 11)
40 and (Tired of) Faking It by Ella Sheridan (contemporary romance; Silver Foxes of Black Wolf’s Bluff series book 1)
Mine To Have by Natasha Madison (small town, second chance romance; Southern Weddings series book 1)
Friendly Fire by Morgan James (small town, friends-to-lovers, romantic suspense; Rescue and Redemption series book 1)
The Ones He Left Behind by H. D’Agostino (second chance, military romance)
Make Me by CD Reiss (mafia romance; Manhattan Mafia series book 2)
A Vow of Love and Vengeance by LP Lovell (dark, mafia romance; Tainted Vows series book 2)
Brutal Daddy by Bianca Cole (dark, mafia romance; Chicago Mafia Dons series book 4)
Vengeance of a Mafia Queen by Siobhan Davis (dark, enemies-to-lovers, mafia romance)
Eat You Alive by Eden O’Neill (fake dating, enemies-to-lovers romance; Court Legacy series book 4)
Second Chance Love by M. Robinson (second chance romance; Second Chance series book 4)
Rocky Mountain Rivals by Joanne Rock (enemies-to-lovers, cowboy romance; Return to Catamount series book 1)
Shadow Lands by Stacey Marie Brown (PNR, urban fantasy romance; Savage Lands series book 6)
Saved by the Mountain Man by Gemma Weir (contemporary romance; Montana Mountain Men series book 5)
Elijah’s Want by Victoria Blue (romantic suspense; Shark’s Edge series book 8)
Lovely Bad Things by Trisha Wolfe (dark romance; Hollow’s Row series book 1)
One for the Money by Skye Warren (billionaire romance)
SEALed with a Kiss by Mazzy King (military romance novella; SEAL Team Romeo series book 15)
Beautiful Broken Obsession by Fiona Murphy (dark, mafia romance; Bratva Bound series book 1)
Sofia: Sacrificed by Terri Anne Browning (NA, MC romance; a Angels Halo MC Next Gen series novella)

offside with #55 cornered not a role model squirrel the blood debt shifting gears trivial deceit hot drummer summer 40 and tired of faking it mine to have friendly fire the ones he left behind make me a vow of love & vengeance brutal daddy vengeance of a mafia queen eat you alive second chance love rocky mountain rivals shadow lands saved by the mountain man elijah's want lovely bad things one for the money sealed with a kiss beautiful broken obsession sacrificed sofia