June 2017

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✰✰ NEW RELEASES in JUNE 2017! ✰✰

When We Fall by Sloane Murphy (NA romance)
Outwait by Lisa Suzanne (contemporary romance)
Illicit Kisses by Kim Bailey (romantic erotica; Here & Now series book 2)
Remember by Dylan Allen (contemporary romance; Symbols of Love series book 2)
Making Waves by Fifi Flowers (contemporary romance; Happy Endings Resort series book 20)
My Best Friend’s Ex by Meghan Quinn (NA, romantic comedy)
The Foxe & the Hound by R.S. Grey (contemporary, romantic comedy)
Lightness Falling by Stacey Marie Brown (NA, sci-fi & fantasy; Lightness Saga book 2)
Love in Transit Anthology (NA, coming-of-age)
Bitch Slap by J. Kenner (romantic comedy)
Tank by Laramie Briscoe (military, contemporary romance; Moonshine Task Force series book 2)
The History of Us by L.B. Dunbar (NA, military romance)
Backwoods Belle by R.C. Martin (contemporary, erotic romance; a Tennessee Grace novel)
Fury by Cat Porter (coming-of-age, romantic suspense)
Sweet Torment by Georgia Cates (contemporary, romantic comedy; novella)
Clemency by Leah Parker (NA, contemporary romance)
Roommates with Benefits by Nicole Williams (NA, sports, romantic comedy) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Shameful by M. Malone & Nana Malone (NA, contemporary romance; Shameless Trilogy book 2)
Wicked Favor by Sawyer Bennett (contemporary romance; Wicked Horse Vegas series book 1) – READ MY REVIEW!!
When Life Happened by Jewel E. Ann (NA, romantic comedy)
Unraveled by Bethany-Kris (romantic suspense; Guzzie Duet book 1)
The Tutor by K. Larson (romantic suspense) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Unsteady by Jillian Anselmi (contemporary, romantic suspense)
Silas by S.R. Watson (erotic romance; Playboy’s Lair series book 1)
A Fighting Chance by Annie Stone (Free at Last series book 1)
Twisted by Mandi Beck (romantic comedy; Imperfect Love Kindle Worlds novella)
The Run In by Kelly Elliott (romantic comedy; Imperfect Love Kindle Worlds novella)
Cheeky Natasha Madison (romantic comedy; Imperfect Love Kindle Worlds novella)
Tied by Kim Karr (romantic comedy; Imperfect Love Kindle Worlds novella)
Unsupervised by Cora Kenborn (romantic comedy; Imperfect Love Kindle Worlds novella)
One-Night Stand-In by T. Gephart (romantic comedy; Imperfect Love Kindle Worlds novella)
Famed by Magan Vernon (romantic comedy; Imperfect Love Kindle Worlds novella)
Battle of the Sexes by Adriana Locke (romantic comedy; Imperfect Love Kindle Worlds novella)
Dating You / Hating You by Christina Lauren (contemporary, romantic comedy)
Inked Expressions by Carrie Ann Ryan (contemporary, romantic suspense; Montgomery Ink series book 7)
Lucky Charm by Carly Phillips (sports romance; Lucky series book 1)
Lucky Streak by Carly Phillips (sports romance; Lucky series book 2)
Lucky Break by Carly Phillips (sports romance; Lucky series book 3)
A Sky Full of Stars by Samantha Chase (contemporary romance; The Shaughnessy Brothers series book 5)
The Farthest Edge by Kristen Ashley (contemporary romance; The Honey series book 2)
Tempting Levi by Jules Barnard (romantic comedy; Cade Brothers series book 1)
One is a Promise by Pam Godwin (contemporary romance; Tangled Lies series book 1) – READ MY REVIEW!!
The Chase by Vanessa Fewings (romantic suspense; an Icon series novel)
Notice by K. Webster (romantic suspense) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Virgin for the Prince by J.S. Scott (contemporary romance; Taken by a Trillionaire series)
Black Diamond by Victoria Quinn (contemporary, romantic suspense; Obsidian series book 2)
Black Promise by Victoria Quinn (contemporary, romantic suspense; Obsidian series book 3)
Easy by H.M. Ward (romantic suspense; The Ferro Family, Easy series book 1)
Sight Unseen Anthology (sci-fi anthology; five novellas)
Enforcer by Katana Collins (erotic romance; The Harrison Street Crew series)
Jaded Regret: The Complete Series by L.L. Collins (contemporary, erotic romance; box set book 1-4)
Finding Heart by Tiffani Lynn (contemporary romance; Colorado Veterans series book 2)
I Need You by Ashley Hampton (short story romance; Southern Rock Lyrics series book 3)
Falling for Her Brother’s Best Friend by Noelle Adams (romantic comedy; novella, Tea for Two series book 1)
The Game by Anna Bloom (sports romance)
Spite Club by Julie Kriss (NA, contemporary romance)
His Obsession by Roxie Brock (erotic romance; novella)
Winter’s Absolution by Kristina Canady (contemporary, MC romance; Obsidian Blades MC series book 1)
Hearts On Air by L.H. Cosway (sports romance) – READ MY REVIEW!!
It’s Our Time by Lindsay Paige (sports romance; Carolina Rebels series book 4)
Complicated Hearts by Ashley Jade (M/M, M/F/M erotic romance; Complicated Hearts Duet book 1) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Game of Chance by Erika Wilde (contemporary, romantic suspense; Vegas Heat series book 1)
Lover by Marni Mann & Gia Riley (romantic erotica)
Damaged Goods by L. Wilder (romantic suspense; standalone, The Redemption series book 1)
A Life Less Beautiful by Elle Brooks (NA, contemporary romance)
Riser’s Resolve by Lindsay Cross (military romance; Men of Mercy series, Kindle Worlds novella)
Six Zeros by LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole (menage, dark, erotic thriller; The Game series book 6) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Changing Hearts by Terri E. Laine (NA, sports romance)
Wicked Things by Callie Hart (contemporary romance; Chaos & Ruin series book 3)
Ryder by S. Nelson (romantic suspense, MC romance; Knights Corruption MC series book 5)
Where I End by Michelle Dare (NA romance)
His Rules by Dani Wyatt (erotic romance; novella)
Can’t Buy Me Love by Marie Force (contemporary romance; Butler, Vermont series book 2)
DAY 31 by Kane Caldwell (erotic thriller)
Fluff by Kailee Reese Samuels (NA, romantic suspense)
His Girl by Aria Cole (erotic romance; novella)
The Last Guy by Tia Louise & Ilsa Madden-Mills (contemporary, sport romance) – READ MY REVEIW!!
Amnesia by Cambria Hebert (contemporary, romantic suspense)
My Roommate’s Girl by Julianna Keyes (NA, romantic comedy)
Fatal Knockout by Julie Bailes (sports romance; Fatal series book 1)
Dirty Talker by Piper Rayne (romantic comedy; Single Dads Club series book 2)
His Temptation by Amber Bardan (erotic romance; novella)
Dangerous Rush by S.C. Stephens (NA, sports romance; Rush series book 2) – READ MY REVIEW!!
More Than Need You by Shayla Black (contemporary romance; More Than Words series book 2)
Hot Cop by Laurelin Paige & Sierra Simone (romantic comedy) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Too Close to Call by Tessa Bailey (contemporary romance; a Romancing the Clarksons novella)
Silver Silence by Nalini Singh (PNR, fantasy romance; a Psy-Changeling Trinity novel)
I Knew You Were Trouble by Lauren Layne (romantic comedy; Oxford series book 4)
Dark Desires Collection (contemporary romance; 22 novels)
All the Secrets We Keep by Megan Hart (family drama romance; Quarry Road series book 2)
Strike Zone by Beth Rhodes (military, romantic suspense; Hawk Elite Security series book 3)
Roamer by Janine Infante Bosco (romantic suspense; The Nomad series book 3)
Roar by Cora Carmack (YA, fantasy romance) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Hard Stick by L.P. Dover (sports romance)
Bassist with Benefits by Jenna Galicki (M/M, contemporary romance; Bulletproof series book 3)
Preservation by Kate Canterbary (contemporary, romantic comedy; The Walsh series book 7)
My Kinda Night by Lacey Black (romantic comedy; Summer Sisters series book 2)
Whisper Forever by C.A. Harms (westerns, sports romance)
Blood Sacrifice by Mina Carter (vampires, PNR; Kyn series book 2)
My Fight: An Organized Crime Collection (romantic suspense; anthologies, 7 novels)
Captive Vow by Alta Hensley (dark, romantic suspense)
Camouflage by Kate Stewart (erotica, romantic suspense; Predator and Prey series book 1)
Shadows & Silence by London Miller (romantic suspense; Wild Bunch series book 2)
True to You by Jodi Watters (military, contemporary romance; A Love Happens series book 3)
Beckoned: Part One by Aviva Vaughn (steamy, women’s fiction)
Torrid by Nikki Sloane (dark, romantic suspense)
Playoff Beard by Kristen Hope Mazzola (NA, sports romance; standalone, Shots On Goal series book 5)
Punched by Jacob Chance (sports romance)
Take a Chance by Erika Wilde (contemporary, romantic suspense; Vegas Heat series book 2)
Twisted Death by Ace Gray (romantic erotica, M/M, M/M/F, F/F; A Twisted Fairy Tale series book 2)
Seven Days by LP Lovell & Stevie J. Cole (menage, dark, erotic thriller; The Game series book 7) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Bad Penny by Staci Hart (contemporary, romantic comedy) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Rough and Ready by Hayley Faiman (romantic suspense; Notorious Devils series book 5)
Can’t Let Go by Molly McLain (sports romance; River Bend series book 5)
His First by Jenika Snow (sweet romantic novella)
All I Am by Jodi Ellen Malpas (a This Man series novella)
His Stolen Secret by Terri Anne Browning (NA, contemporary romance; His Secret novella series book 2)
Beauty by Jordan Marie (military, contemporary romance; Devil’s Blaze MC series book 6)
Fallen Flame by J.M. Miller (YA, fantasy, PNR; Fallen Flame series book 1)
Talk British to Me by Robin Bielman (NA, contemporary romance; Wherever You Go series book 1)
Unforgiven by Willow Winters (romantic suspense; Sins and Secrets series book 2)
Scars of My Past by DC Renee (NA, sports romance)
Full Count by Lynn Stevens (NA, sports romance; Westland University series book 1)
Strong Enough by Melanie Harlow & David Romanov (M/M romance) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Her Surprise Engagement by Ashlee Mallory (wholesome, contemporary romance; Sorensen Family series book 4)
Stay by Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy (sports, romantic comedy)
Revenge by Lexi Blake (romantic suspense; a Lawless novel)
Salvaged by Jay Crownover (NA romance; a Saints of Denver novel)
At His Mercy by Shelly Bell (contemporary, romantic suspense; a Forbidden Lovers novel)
Hyde’s Absolution by Nina Levine (contemporary, romantic suspense; Sydney Storm MC series book 4)
Tycoon by Katy Evans (contemporary romance)
Lone Stallion by Nicole Lake (shifter romance; Solo Shift series book 3)
Lost and Found Sisters by Jill Shalvis (women’s fiction)
Casen by Amy Marie (contemporary, romantic suspense; The Karma series book 2)
Vanishing Act by A.M. Madden (romantic comedy)
Scored by Marquita Valentine (contemporary, sports romance)
Deklan by Shay Savage (contemporary, NA romance)
Trusting You & Other Lies by Nicole Williams (YA romance)
Kash by Victoria Ashley (contemporary romance; Walk of Shame 2nd Generation series book 3)
One Night by Christie Ridgway (contemporary romance; One & Only series book 3)
Just an Illusion – EP by D. Kelly (NA, contemporary romance; The Illusion series book 3)
Wrecked by Jeannine Colette (NA romance)
Redemption by Stephie Walls (women’s fiction romance)
A Beautiful Danger by Lilliana Anderson (NA romance)
Last Chance by Erika Wilde (contemporary, romantic suspense; Vegas Heat series book 3)
Playing for Keeps by Alix Nichols (women’s fiction, short story; Game Time series book 2)
The Knocked Up Plan by Lauren Blakely (romantic comedy)
Lips Locks & Blocked Shots by Heather C. Myers (sports romance; Slapshot series book 3)
Pandemic Sorrow Series by Stevie J. Cole (NA, rockstar romance) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Tied by Carian Cole (NA, contemporary romance; Devils Wolves series book 2) – READ MY REVIEW!!
Writing Mr. Right by T.K. Leigh (romantic comedy)
Recluse by Jaycee Ford (romantic suspense; Spider series book 1)
Unashamed by M. Malone & Nana Malone (NA, romantic comedy; Shameless Trilogy book 3)
Where I Belong by M. O’Keefe (coming-of-age romance; The Debt series book 2)
Forgetting You, Forgetting Me by Monica James (contemporary romance; Memories from Yesterday series book 1)
Falling for Loverboy by Jani Kay (forbidden romance; Sex & Secrets series book 2)

✰✰ Upcoming Releases in June! ✰✰

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