April 2023


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hidden truths fools in love flirt like a fool brutal ruin dirty truths bender the rules of dating my best friend's sister captivate rhapsody those savage stars guarding georgia bones the end of me searching for caryn make me exhale sexy bedtime stories corrupted union over my brother's dead body chase andrews ana maria and the fox pixie dust & brain rust shoulda monsters are hidden forever his elemental stalking stefano deluca 5000 nights of obsession hate to want you the stay gorgeous prince the tryst bad dogs depravity delivered dark deviant coach heart of my monster if this is love the summer we fell to claim a mate until i get you cocky perfect storm captive heart aviator interview with a sadist finding treasure tainted innocence the biker's forbidden love blood money lucky puck the sacrifice the innovator empire of lust along came charlie twisted road of secrets and regrets the lady & the unicorn savage suit coming home for us the emperor's bone palace fluke hot and rowdy pure luck bronson slow simmer made for us the voices are back the ruin of gods ancient warrior talk of the town worth the chance the nanny the forever formula yours truly destined for me fearless heart battle of hearts make you mine fatal risk the last message ravishing reign how much i need broken ties will then you're mine beniamino deluca wtf the darkness in you cowboy's bookshop bride america's sweetheart devious kingpin nicoli secrets at meadow lake green jewel exposed foolish puckboy strictly by the book ambitious bastard parentmoon a shot of pretty poison the coldest winter hardball the edge of forgiveness sacrifice a very fake boyfriend the prince of darkness give me forever time for you a little taste in for a penny sunshine's grump deceiver shadows just wanted you to know wed like wildfire devoted storm clouds and devastation sinful obsession heart of gold possess me saved hate tea love you the demon is in the details the rescue carnal vows me'ansome tin cocky veteran power look don't touch savage deal tristan scoring sutton illegal substitutions just one fling vacation wars sure shot jasmine and jake rock the boat jacob's star cage & magnolia the captain's revenge death hidden justice kiss me in this small town spring of the cursed fae airplane games forgive me my sins reaper the charming billionaire wicked knight seeking peace for the love of whiskey release me guardian angel professorhole the ultimate challenge cross to bear echoes of vengeance making choices chasing callie wood you marry me rising hope after loss the third son unforgettable dr. perfect irresistibly perfect hayden the rebound wishing for yesterday weak side a million pieces breaking phoenix running wild unexpectedly mine strictly family his vicious vow grease monkey wildflowers and whispers code red man trouble the hollywood marriage bargain strayed embrace the suck a touch of death when forever finds us a cruel arrangement the prophecy fractured self-made fortune happy place bound by passion a charming single dad madam alana too strong nocticadiagame changer undertaking love the real deal phoenix contempt cian shootout buy in double the dilemma solo rider over the moon french holiday sinful gains royal king of pride the bachelor make me queen one kind hand manic mayhem vow of revenge savage truth oversteer rezoned beauty and the bruiser crave the illicit falling for the jerk puffin bay night skulls mayhem fixing the one falling for the broken reckless lies every rule worth breaking temptation break the girl monster in my heart monster