Blog Tour + Excerpt – BY MISTAKE by Sigal Ehrlich

By Mist@ke, a meet-cute, slow burn standalone romance in the Poison & Wine Series by Sigal Ehrlich, is on sale for 99¢ for a limited time only!

About By Mist@ke:

You’ve Got Mail meets Grey’s Anatomy in this sweet slow-burn, virtual meet-cute romance.

There’s so much going on in Anna’s life. Teaching countless hours at the studio and nurturing the three major relationships of her life – her group of tight-knit friends, all while attempting to not screw up this whole adulthood thing leaves very little time to waste on yet another dating app. At this point, a relationship is off the menu. Being “self-partnered” is more than enough.

A serious relationship has been crossed off Liam Brody’s list of goals, at least for the foreseeable future. Completing his residency and becoming a trauma surgeon is his only priority. Casual relationships, his friends, and books are the only things he’s willing to lose his precious free time to.

When an accidental email starts a deep online connection, both Liam and Anna dive in with zero concern . . . because there’s really no harm in getting close to someone who you’ll never meet in real life, right?


When a turn of events brings their “safe” virtual connection to an unexpected face-to-face, Anna and Liam learn their online chemistry pales in comparison to the real deal. A realization that brings along the bazillion-dollar question – what do you do when you meet The One at the most impossibly wrong time?

** by Mist@ke is book 1 in a standalone series with connected characters, but independent storylines.

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He clears his throat and the words just seem to escape from his mouth out of his control, “You’re something else.”

I don’t think anyone has ever looked at me the way he looks at me.

My heart, at this moment, is so much bigger than its designated space in my chest. It’s a million tons of moving mass, accelerating in all directions with the only thing that could stop it being this guy. It’s almost more that I can bear. I break the intensity by offering Liam one of the cupcakes which he happily takes. “Oh, wait.” I say as he attempts to take the first bite. I produce a candle from my bag and stick it in the middle of the cupcake. I communicate, “wait,” holding one finger up while searching my bag for the box of matches. Liam waits as told, his eyes caressing me, following my every move. “Here we go,” I say once the candle is properly lit. “Make a wish.”

And the intensity is back as he slowly tilts to blow on the candle, eyes locked with mine.

Now, what I don’t understand is what stupid game we are both playing and why we are on this bench instead of behind some janitor closet jumping each other like two crazy hyenas in heat, just like we clearly do in our minds? An enigma, really.

About the Author

Sigal Ehrlich is a bestselling author of refreshing, fun, and sweet romance books. She loves books, cold weather, and the occasional bubbly drink. Living as an expat for most of her life, Sigal has been lucky enough to visit many exotic places and meet some unique people from all corners of the world, while experiencing the sweet triumphs and travails of trying to acclimate to new “homes.” Currently, Sigal calls the Czech Republic home where she lives with her husband and three kids.

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