New Release + Excerpt – MERCILESS PRINCE by Sasha Leone

Merciless Prince by Sasha Leone

Series: Brutal Reign #1
Genre: Dark Mafia Romance
Release Date: February 9, 2021


He was never going to be my prince charming…

Arrogant. Ruthless. Breathtaking.
Aiden Kilpatrick is heir to the Irish mafia, and that’s bad news for me.
I’m the D’Ignoti princess, after all. Daughter of the Italian Don who once betrayed his family.
I’ve lived my life in a gilded cage. Untouched… Until he kicks down my door.
Forced to sign a marriage contract, I’m given to him. A debt repayment. A plea for mercy.
But he is merciless.
Suddenly, I’m his to possess. His to corrupt. His to break.
And then, his to save.
Because when the demons of my past come to reclaim my soul, I find myself craving his protection.
Those stormy emerald eyes. That wild hair. The dimples. The desire. They call to me.
And I realize that the only thing more dangerous than falling for the devil,
Is going through hell without him by my side.

*Merciless Prince is a standalone dark mafia romance novel with mature themes and a happily ever after. It is the first book of the Brutal Reign series.


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My breaths turn ragged from fear. Bathed in the red light of the bedroom window, Aiden looks like the devil personified. His shirt is off, and his muscular ocean of dark tattoos dances in the darkness.

I gulp. That hard powerful body of his could snap me in half without breaking a sweat.

“What do you want me to say?” I manage to sputter out.

“The truth.”

When he steps forward, I can see that he is furious. A low boiling anger shadows his handsome face, making him look more monstrous than ever.

Slowly, he crawls over top of me, locking me in a cage of his searing flesh. A whimper escapes my lips as he pinches my chin and forces me to look him directly in the eyes.

“Are you ready for me now, princess?”


Releasing March 23
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Releasing April 27
Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon CA | Amazon AU

About the Author

Sasha Leone writes dark, suspenseful romance novels about powerful mafia kings and the women who bring them to their knees.

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