Blog Tour + Excerpt – FAIRYTALE WRATH by M.H.B.

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They say all men are monsters…

Money means power and power gives your skeletons a taste for retribution
They came for me
Suffocating me, dragging me to my knees
Using my past and my future as a double weapon against me

…I’m not a monster…

Lily Carter envisioned a beautiful fairy tale
But perfect is an illusion
And so, a veil of nightmares stood between us and our happy ending
Leading the dormant beast inside my head to awaken after all

But I will protect what’s mine…

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I leaned against him, moaning as he gripped my ass tight. God.I laid my breasts over his ripped body, our lips desperate to connect again.
“Just kissing…”
“I don’t trust myself not to take things further,” I told him seriously, grasping on his shirt. “Don’t let me do more than kiss.” His hooded stare and hard-as-fuck erection that pressed against my dampened thong told me he wanted more than kissing.
But I knew that I could trust him.
Lincoln Black was a man who could be trusted. He was good and respectful.
Wow. Listen to me.
I needed to slow down with my feelings. I wondered if maybe the idea of Rosie made me want to speed up the process, to give her what I’d always wanted—the perfect family. But then I remembered our first night together, and the way my heart had been thumping uncontrollably against my chest, ready to bulge out of it.
Instead I’d let my insecurities take care of my fate.
“Okay…” He pulled my hair back. “Okay, Lily—just kissing.” He caged my face with masculine hands, his lips slowly sealing over mine. We kissed like a belly dancer’s rhythm, moving every nerve ending with slow composure.
Our melted lips were the perfect duo. Like sugar and spice. I pushed myself against him, knowing I was being a tease. Knowing I was tormenting myself.
I could feel the heat everywhere—between my thighs—and in my mouth, especially as his tongue joined forces with mine. He pulled me tighter against him, my moan captured by the softness of his lips.
One. I really liked Lincoln Black.
Two. He was handsome.
Three. He. Made. Me. Feel.
The sparks and the nerves. The butterflies. The heat, the warmth, and the sexual tension.
Call my crazy but I knew Lincoln was it for me. I knew he could be my prince charming, my soulmate, my better half, my partner in crime. Knew he could give me what I wanted. Turn my life into a massive fairy tale with the best of endings.
I could have it all—the daughter, the husband, the career.
It was instinctive. The same way I knew something was wrong before my parents told me they were separating. Or when my favorite nanny gave me lots of chocolate before telling me she quit. Or the time I knew I was pregnant, even though it wasn’t my first missed period.
I had that intuitive sense, stronger than wolves.
And I knew now, more than anything, that this beast of a man came back into my life for a reason. I hoped he wouldn’t leave because I didn’t want to let go. Despite being a mom, and having a busy career, and him travelling back and forth between D.C. and New York.
But that tiny spark of darkness illuminated the rest of my insecurities, giving me the most basic honest truth of all.
He lived for Congress.
I lived for Rosie.

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M . H . B . graduated law from a Canadian University. She loves spending time with her partner and her dog. She has a passion for animals and loves the simple things in life: chocolate, music, books, sunny days, and overall wellness. When she is not writing, her mind is in another world with a book in hand.

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