Review: SURE SHOT by Sarina Bowen

sure shot

Sure Shot by Sarina Bowen
Series: Brooklyn, book 4
 sports, romantic comedy

Publisher: Tuxbury Publishing LLC
Publication Date: May 12, 2020
Rating: ★★★★ 1/2

*This story contains triggers that might be upsetting to readers.

Tank and Bess are the last people who should be together. She never dates her clients, let alone someone from her own team. He has given up on a happy ending after the disaster that his marriage was. Will they finally find a place where they can love each other? Or are they doomed from the start? 

I adore this book with all my heart and if I had another heart, I’d adore it with that as well.

Bess and Tank are very very different people but their chemistry is fire. Like I can’t imagine two people more suited for each other. It’s always amazing to see two people who you know are meant for each other. I was obviously 100% invested in these two and I couldn’t help but want more and more.

Bess is so pure and so damn wholesome, I kept smiling like a fool whenever she talked. I just wanted to give her a big hug and give her all the happiness that she so well deserves. I have never loved a character like I love Bess. She is just one of those pure souls that you love and admire and want to be like all at the same time.

Tank is my fave grumpy cave man. I adore this fool so much. He has such a heart of gold that was just waiting to love someone like Bess. I knew he was a good one. When he told his story, I straight up bawled. No one deserves to go through such pain and just I am incredibly happy that he got the love and life he wanted.

This story is just on another level of beautiful. I am a hardcore Sarina fan and this book just shows you why she is so amazing and well loved.

4.5 Stars!


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sure shot

A new stand-alone hockey romance from USA Today bestseller Sarina Bowen.

On the eve of her thirtieth birthday, sports agent Bess Beringer is ready to make some changes. Armed with a five-year plan—indexed and color coded—she’ll tackle her personal life with the same zeal that she brings to her successful agency.

A big, tall, ripped hunk of hockey player who’s just been traded to the Brooklyn Bruisers is not a part of that plan. Mark “Tank” Tankiewicz has a lot of baggage. He’s a ride-or-die loner with a bad reputation. He’s on the rebound. He’s also the sexiest thing on two legs, and for some crazy reason it’s Bess that he wants.

She knows better. But then she falls stupid in love with him anyway. And for a while it seems like maybe he’ll do the same.

Until she asks him for the one thing he can never give her…

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