Review: UNDER THE ROSE by Kathryn Nolan

under the rose

Under The Rose by Kathryn Nolan
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: April 3, 2020
Rating: ★★★★★

My fave person writing an enemies to lovers slow burn??? Of course I AM OBSESSED!

Sam and Freya have hated each other since their college days and their competitive streak just grew in Quantico. They parted ways when Freya left the academy but now they are forced to work together at Codex. Will their hate explode? Or will they finally realize that buried under all of that resentment is their mad love for each other? 

No one does slow burn like Kathryn Nolan. No joke, I actually applauded when Sam and Freya finally kissed because it was THAT DAMN GOOD. Like I could absolutely feel their need, their emotions and IT. WAS. GLORIOUS!!!

The story was amazingly written with a good solid mystery and thrill. On top of this, she made Sam and Freya so impossibly endearing that i wanted to dive inside and hug them both. Their spirit and respect for each other was totally visible even if they were spewing witch curses at each other.

I am irrevocably in love with these characters and I cannot contain my excitement for Abe’s book. It’s going to be a glorious angst fest and I AM NOT READY.

I have said this before and I’ll say it again, Kathryn Nolan is an angel and her words are magic.

5 Stars!


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under the rose

She’s about to go undercover with her arch-nemesis…

From the outside, the gorgeous Freya Evandale seems like a quirky bookworm with a taco addiction. Most people would never guess she’s a proud drop-out of the FBI’s training academy and a highly-skilled computer nerd. These days, she’s happy as a private detective at Codex, specializing in stolen rare books.

That is until an old nemesis with an arrogant smirk and superhero shoulders ends up in her office.

Special Agent Sam Byrne is a tightly-wound workaholic with a secret…or ten. When a betrayal leaves him questioning his career with the Bureau, consulting for Codex seems like the perfect place to hide. But he certainly never expected to see Freya again. At the academy, their rivalry was legendary. And their sparring sessions resembled an actual battle, or worse… foreplay.

Now these enemies are forced to play nice as they go undercover to infiltrate a secret society. It’s a dangerous world of power, wealth, and shifting alliances. The higher the stakes, the harder it is to resist the true reason behind their rivalry. But surrendering to years of pent-up lust is a direct threat to their mission…and their safety.

Author’s Note: If smoldering enemies-to-lovers, volcanic repressed lust, secret tunnels, gun-toting bad guys, and delicious slow burns are your jam, Under the Rose is for you!

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