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Adrik Houston means nothing but trouble.

I’ve spent years building my career, and I’m not about to let him push me away from the goal I’ve set for my future.

I don’t care if he’s handsome, cocky, and fixated on getting me. On my charts, he’s Lucifer himself filling a panty-melting uniform.

But he doesn’t know how stubborn I can be when my heart is in the line of fire.

He’s ready to fight.
So am I.

We aren’t a match made in heaven. We’re two energy charged clouds ready to collide.

I’m Jordania Zanetti.
In war the winner takes it all, and the battle is about to start.

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“I’m dying to taste you,” he whispers seductively.

I’m naked and I don’t care. Right now, all I know is I need this. I’ll have time to think about this later—or to regret it—but for now all I want is something to calm this craving that grows within me and is consuming me.

Adrik lifts me up by the waist, ignoring my cry as I feel the cold countertop under my butt. His fingers caress my folds and I forget everything else. I’m wet and panting, ready for him.

I have imagined this many times, so many that I’ve lost count, but actually experiencing his fingers slipping into my heat far exceeds my expectations.

Adrik takes hold of my thighs and forces them apart so he can stand between them and cover my body with his. Next, his mouth leaves mine, to begin drawing a burning road southwards.

His fingers take care of my nipples, while he kisses my belly, playing with my navel. My hands fly to his head, wanting to press him closer to me, trying in vain to pull on his short cropped hair.

His tongue continues to travel, drawing maps around my body until it finally reaches the sweet place that impatiently awaits his attention.

“Adrik,” I cry out when I finally feel his mouth there.

His fingers join in the action, increasing the pressure, the desire.

“You summoned the devil, Jordania, so get ready to meet him,” he says, pulling away from me. I look at him with wild eyes, unable to speak. “You wanted to play with fire, right? So be prepared to get burnt when you find out who I really am.”

Then he straightens up, turns around and leaves, quietly closing the door behind him.

I lie there, unable to process what just happened.

Damn you, Adrik Houston.

I need to get you out of my system as soon as I possibly can.

Thank God Saturday is nearly here, because I need to get drunk.

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Author, wife, and mother of a girl and a puppy. I love the happily ever after. Believer & dreamer. I live in my own world, sipping Ginger Ale and lime. I’m always plotting my next book, coloring pages, and reading.

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