Review: THAT NIGHT by K.I. Lynn

that night

That Night by K.I. Lynn
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: Catastrophic Press
Publication Date: March 23, 2020
Rating: ★★★★✰

For most people when they get pregnant from a one-night stand, they are freaking out. Most likely wondering what to do. Going through the “my life is over, and I didn’t even know the guy.” Not necessarily for Natasha, besides it wasn’t long after finding out she was pregnant did she see that sexy guy again and found out he was her boss.

Natasha and Richard kicked it off from the start. They had what the cool kids call insta love. Which was fine, perfect more like it. Until it wasn’t. Natasha had so much patience to her because girl, I don’t if I would have that much for him. I like Richard, he made me mad and frustrated, but I did really like him.

Quick side note, I am so glad we didn’t get to meet Richards father, I probably would have wanted to throw my kindle and then pick it up and throw it again. Just reading Richard talk about him made me want to punch a wall.

Overall a good read not angsty, but a very nice flowing story.

4 Stars!


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that night

I got pregnant on New Year’s Eve.

That night was hands down the best night of my life. A magical night with the man of my dreams.
The aftermath changed everything.
After weeks of silence from him and a positive pregnancy test, it was safe to say I was in full out panic mode.
Until I walked into a conference room only to find Mr. Man-of-my-dreams-father-of-my-unborn-child at the head of the table.
Turns out the VP of finance isn’t an old boring guy with white hair.
Two different cities.
A baby on the way.
An intense attraction.
And he’s technically my boss.
Life just got even more complicated.

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