Review: A WORTHY OPPONENT by Katee Robert

a worthy opponent

A Worthy Opponent by Katee Robert
Series: Wicked Villains, book 3
Genre: dark erotic romance 
Publisher : Trinkets and Tales LLC
Publication Date: February 1, 2020
Rating: ★★★★✰

This is probably my fave Hook/ Tink retelling EVER!

I absolutely adored Tink in this. She was burned in the worst possible way yet she survived, thrived but more than that she lived the life she wanted. I like the way her relationship with Hook progressed. She glows with him and I wanted that for her so much.

Hook is a smitten lovesick fool and I love him for it. I am just in awe of his duality?? He is so sugary sweet with Tink but deathly with people who cross him. I think my most favourite part about him was the way he wanted to alleviate Tink, not change her or mend her just be there for her. WE STAN A SMIITEN MAN!!!!

I actually felt how much Katee hates Peter through this story because man she made him despicable. I wanted to punch the daylights out of him. No one but Katee can do this. She is other worldly amazing and the way she has crafted this Wicked Villains universe is just so fascinating. I am 100% in all the stories that are about to come.

4 Stars!


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a worthy opponent

Once upon a time I was a girl who believed in love and happily ever afters.

Now the only thing I believe in is revenge.

Unfortunately for me, there’s only one man willing to help me. Hook. I should have known it wouldn’t be out of the goodness of his heart. He doesn’t have one. No, Hook wants his ring on my finger and me on my knees before him—and he won’t take no for an answer.

I’m willing to pay any price in order to bring Pan down…even if it means I lose my soul in the bargain.

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