Review: CREOLE KINGPIN By Meghan March

creole kingpin

Creole Kingpin by Meghan March
Series: Magnolia Duet, book 1
Genre: romance suspense
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: March 10, 2020
Rating: ★★★★✰

Can we give a round of applause for Miss Magnolia! If you are looking for a book where the lead female character is a badass, look no further. Magnolia is that and more. She’s smart, snarky, feisty and doesn’t take crap from anyone no matter who they are.

Magnolia and Moses have a past. A rocky past. 15 years later she most certainly did not forget and forgive, but that does not mean Moses wasn’t going to try like hell to get her back. I admit writing this review is hard because I don’t want to give any spoilers away. Please know this book will keep you locked on from page one. Both characters are easy to get attached to. For me especially Magnolia. I really loved her.

Yes, there is a cliffhanger. Duh, Its Meghan March, but don’t fret we know Meghan doesn’t leave us hanging for long.

4 Stars!


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creole kingpin

New York Times bestselling author Meghan March goes back to New Orleans and the world of Lachlan Mount with a dangerous and bold new anti-hero.

The thing about ghosts is they’re supposed to stay dead.

That’s exactly what I am, but I can’t stay away from Magnolia Marie Maison for one more day, let alone another year.

We’ve already got fifteen of those between us.

As it stands, she’ll want to kill me as soon as she lays eyes on me. And knowing her, she’s completely up to the task.

But I’m a man on a mission, and I’ve got everything riding on this.

So, here I come, Magnolia. This ghost is ready for whatever you got.

After all, there’s only one way I want this to end—’til death do us part.

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