Review: THE SINFUL KING by Claire Contreras

the sinful king

The Sinful King by Claire Contreras
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: March 5, 2020
Rating: ★★★ 1/2

The future king of France is not the person for Adeline. Falling for him would only break her heart while he’d be marrying the princess that the Queen chose for him. But the passion between won’t burn out this quick.

Will Adeline risk it all for the sinful king who owns her heart?

This was my first Claire book and I am definitely into her writing.

I think the dynamics and politics of French royalty was a fun departure from the Brit royalty we’re so used to. I actually really loved the fact that there weren’t any toxic female stereotypes in the royal family. It was such a big plus point and a very refreshing change.

While I really liked the story’s progression, I couldn not connect to even one character. I enjoyed how the story was written and portrayed but I could not invest myself in any of it. I will say that I am super excited about this universe and if we’ll be getting a book about Aramis, I’d be all over it asap.

3.5 Stars!


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the sinful king

If you had any ties to Marbella, it was impossible for you not to have heard the stories about Prince Elias and his debauchery.

Every summer he arrived with his security detail and friends in tow and rented out a row of cottages near the water.

Cottages that belonged to my family.

Each of those summers, my parents sent me away – summer camp and later, boarding school. Anything to keep me away from the royals and their partying.

I hadn’t been home in years, but when I finally come back for the summer, I see that not much has changed. Like all the summers I’d been gone, Prince Elias is back, but this time with an incognito security detail and no friends.

This time, there is no partying, no noise, no crowds. No reason at all to even think he was there.
I’m given strict orders not to talk to him, not to even look in his direction, but he makes this an impossible task.

I may be doing everything in my power to stay away from him, but there is no one in the world who can say no to the future King of France.

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