Review: THE WRONG/RIGHT MAN by Aurora Rose Reynolds

the wrong right man

The Wrong/Right Man by Aurora Rose Reynolds
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: March 3, 2020
Rating: ★★★★★

No one writes swoony alpha romances like Aurora Rose Reynolds!

The Wrong/Right Man is full of steam, laughter, and emotions. This story is very well written involving two headstrong characters that radiate explosive chemistry right from the start. Insta-attraction, sexual tension, and a mistaken blind date all propel this story into an instant page turner.

The author is known for her sexy, possessive alpha men, and Brax is no different. Charming, down to earth, and successful, any woman can’t resist falling head over heels for him. Me included. But personally, I truly loved Dakota’s character. After a tough break-up, my girl got back in the saddle and reluctantly agreed to a blind date. Atta girl! So, the last thing she expected to meet was Mr. Right…or in this case, suave and charismatic Mr. Wrong. Can you say awkward? But after the truth is revealed and faced with Brax’s protective and obsessive tendencies, Dakota held her own as the strong, confident woman she is. She knew when to pick her battles with Brax, but never let his controlling nature bulldoze her life. It’s clear as day that he wants her for himself and may be over the top at times, but I feel it fit their relationship and personalities wonderfully. Their dynamic together doesn’t lack passion, that’s for sure.

There isn’t a book by this author that I don’t love. Her writing is always outstanding, mixing sensuality, desire, and excitement with the perfect amount of humor and suspense. This love story is entertaining, swoony, and very much romantic in its own eccentric way. I’m really hoping this turns out to be part of a series though, as I’m dying to read more about Dakota’s brother, Jamie, as he definitely needs his own story! Want to know why?….just read this book to find out!

5 Stars!


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the wrong right man

Waking up to a text asking why you stood up your blind date is not the best way to start the day, especially when the man in question is standing half dressed in your kitchen.

Maybe Dakota Newton shouldn’t have assumed the gorgeous man with a devastating smile standing outside the coffee shop was her date. She probably— Okay, she definitely shouldn’t have slept with him, regardless of how hot the chemistry between them was. But how could she know Mr. Right was actually Mr. Wrong?

Braxton Adams has been called a few things in his life, but a liar was never one of them. That all changes when he’s approached by a beautiful woman who thinks he’s there to meet her for a date.

As a businessman, Brax knows to trust his gut and never let an opportunity pass him by, so he pretends to be someone he’s not.

Maybe he shouldn’t have lied. Maybe he should have come clean. But in the end, it doesn’t matter, because now he has to prove he’s not the wrong man but the right one.

So what if he’s not the man she’s expecting? She’s the one he’s been waiting for.

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