New Release + Review – KING OF THE SOUTH by Calia Read


King of the South by Calia Read

Series: Belgrave Dynasty #1
Genre: Historical Romance
Release Date: February 21, 2020



The year is 1919, and the Great War has ended. As everyone picks up the pieces of their lives, I have only copious amounts of alcohol and women keeping me together.

Most of the men I went to war with didn’t make it home, including my best friend, Miles. I thought I knew everything about him until I discovered he made me the executor to his little sister Rainey’s dowry.

Rainey Pleasonton is anything but pleasant. Most men in Charleston found her wild and carefree ways to be terrifying, which explained why she was twenty-eight and still unmarried.

I have sixty days to help her find a husband before she loses her inheritance, her family’s legacy, and I lose the last of my sanity.

The only problem is, I’ve watched her go from a little girl who chased us around with a bow and arrow to the only woman in the South immune to my charm. And the men who were once scared of Rainey? They now find my le savauge beguiling, and I do not care for it one bit …


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king of the south

I can’t tell you how much I love that this series is real, live and thriving.

Livingston is passing his life by in a living nightmare. He can’t sleep, can’t think, and can’t dream anything beyond the war that destroyed a core part of him. But he puts up a front of nonchalance and drinks his problems away. At least he tries to.

Rainey has enough problems in her life she really did not need a will that dictates her to marry within sixty days or end up losing everything; even if that will was left behind by her brother, who she loved the most. The only person who can help her is the one she loathes the most.

I would like to establish my agenda, which is making Rainey the ‘Queen of Everything under the living Sun’. I just love her so so much??? I long to read characters like hers, and I am beyond overjoyed that I got to read her story. I adore her jest for life, but I respect her so much for her loyalty. MY GIRL WAS BORN A QUEEN!!!

Livingston, my sweet broken babe!!! I hate hate what happened to him and I just wanted to hug him to make his pain go away. This man can charm the pants off of anyone but Rainey. Also, I got so much sick pleasure from watching him fall madly in love with Rainey but vehemently denying it at every step of the way. WE STAN A LOVESICK FOOL!!!

This story gave me heart eyes and rainbows and bubbles. It’s such a good slow burn on top of being a beautifully written story. I am mad excited for the next book because I JUST KNOW it will be one angst filled ride.

4.5 Stars!




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