Blog Tour + Excerpt – HER LOVELY LIES by K.L. Clare

Today we have the blog tour of K.L. Clare’s HER LOVELY LIES! Check out this new release and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Her Lovely lies
Author: K.L. Clare
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Her Lovely Lies:

She loves him madly, wants his children—but does she really know him? Come a little closer if you dare.
Will Hastings is back with more of the dark love story that began in Lies That Bind Us.

Loving her is all that I am. She is the flesh and blood savior who lights up my soul. She’s grace and beauty, the source of my addiction. I watch her every move, consume each breath she takes. I won’t live without her touch. She’s in my bed when I close my eyes and there when I wake. But now, my angel lies to me.

Elle secretly investigates the lies left behind by her sister and my brother. She should know better—no space exists between us, no room for secrets. I allow the deception while she searches for answers, but I am always right behind her, eliminating the threats that shadow us. Her discovery? It drives me straight to my knees.

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. . . I was standing before the glass wall in my office when Elle arrived. I nearly dropped the whisky from my hand as she entered the room. She was covered in an elegant black coat, but the shape of her curves teased what was hidden beneath the tailored cashmere. On most occasions I would have gone to her—hell, I’d crawl on my hands and knees to get to her if that’s what she wanted—just not this time. This time I wanted to get lost in the sway of her hips. I wanted to take in every fine detail of this woman as she advanced towards me.

Her beauty never escaped me, never dulled, never grew ordinary.

“So . . . the tale is true. The powerful man in the tower is also the most handsome in the land,” she said, her husky bedroom tone washing over me, promising that her thoughts were in the same place as mine.

“Don’t romanticize my character, baby. It will only lead to disappointment,” I countered.

“That’s crazy, Will. There isn’t a thing about you that disappoints.”

I could no longer restrain my ego—it grabbed hold, and my lips pulled into a tight smirk. Nothing pleased me more than knowing she wanted me. I drew her into my arms and pushed my growing arousal against her stomach. “Take off the coat. Show me what is mine.”

Elle stared up into my eyes from beneath her lashes. “I lied to you,” she said, dragging her fingers along the button placket on my shirt. “There isn’t a stitch of red on my body.”

“No? Well then, this may be the time I do smack that pretty arse of yours.”

She sucked in a quick, sharp breath and moaned on the exhale. Her lids dropped, and her cheeks flushed with heat as if she’d just had an orgasm. I knew that look—she wanted me to do it.

Do not cross the line you’ve drawn for her.

“Or maybe this is just another one of your empty threats. Either way, you should probably lock the door.” She stepped backwards out of my arms and unbelted her long coat, letting it fall to the floor at her feet.

Fucking. Christ.

I wanted nothing more in that moment than to feel her soul breach mine and heal me. I needed to bury my cock deep inside the beauty before me to find myself again—the real me, not the dark pretender who destroyed everything. That man, the one who was good and moral, lived only in her.

“It locked behind you. . . . Lift the dress.” . . .

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About the Author

“I believe in telling the love stories that beg to be told, even when they resonate differently than the norm, and I love to lure historical facts into contemporary ideas. As a reader and a writer, I open my mind and heart to concepts and characters that may not be what is expected in our modern world.” –klc

Award-winning author K.L. Clare writes contemporary romance and has been praised by industry critics for her elegant prose, captivating and distinctive characters, and original story lines.

The manuscript for Kelli’s first novel, Lies That Bind Us, has won multiple independent book awards.

Prior to writing fiction, she was an HR executive, a contributing writer for an online women’s publication, and a progressive voice on issues for women and children in a global coalition of bloggers. She lives in Ohio with her two brilliant kids and a sock-thieving spaniel.

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