Review: SINK OR SWIM by Tessa Bailey

sink or swim

Sink or Swim by Tessa Bailey
Genre: NA, contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: August 19, 2019
Rating: ★★★★★

It feels like I’ve been waiting my whole life for Andrew and Jiya. Swear to God, the wait was worth it and more.

Andrew Prince has been in love with his best friend since what feels like the dawn of time. Jiya is the only woman for him but he can never act on his feelings. The terrible things he’s done in his past can never touch Jiya and for that he has to stay far away.

Jiya has only loved Andrew. No man can compare to the eldest Prince brother. But he only sees her as her best friend and that hurts. She plans to carry the ache in her heart and marry the man her parents approve of her.

Bu their love can’t stay hidden. Every day it grows with an intensity that’ll take them both by the heart.

If Andrew Prince was real I’d take out my heart and offer him as a token of my love. I have loved him since book 1 but I didn’t know I’d only fall from him harder after this book. My heat was in my throat thinking about all the pain and demons he was hiding from his loved ones. I just wanted to reach inside and comfort him and tell him that he is loved through and through. I am ecstatic beyond words that he got the HEA they deserved.

Jiya Dalal is the brown Queen we need and deserve. Its always an utter joy to see a POC as a protagonist and Tessa Bailey did her character all the justice. Jiya seemed to me a perfect combination of a modern ethics with a touch of traditional Indian values. I adore and respect Jiya so much for being the one to be fearless about Andrew. It was such a beautiful experience to read her story. I AM IN LOVE!!

It was bittersweet to read this because (a) my heart broke so much for these two and it took so much for them to come together and (b) I had to say farewell to these amazing characters that have made a permanent place in my heart. This story made my heart all warm and fuzzy towards the end and I’m just waiting to read the series again and again.

5 Stars!


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sink or swim

Andrew Prince wakes up before everyone else. He schedules the bar shifts, demands perfection from Long Beach’s lifeguards—most of all himself—and makes sure the family debts are paid. His unfaltering worth ethic might leave him exhausted, but it comes with one advantage. It distracts him from the love he’s been harboring since childhood for the girl next door—who he cannot have.

Jiya Dalal has dreams. To fly a plane, see the world below…and prove irresistible to her best friend, Andrew. But she needs to be a good daughter first, which is becoming an increasingly difficult task, since her parents expect a good marriage and the man she loves with all her heart refuses to pursue the blistering connection between them. Just when she’s beginning to believe Andrew truly doesn’t want her, a moonlight tryst on the beach exposes his true feelings. But an echo from the past kept them apart before…and it’s only growing louder with every stolen kiss…

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