Review: LUCKY IN LUGANO by Kat Mizera

lucky in lugano

Lucky in Lugano by Kat Mizera
Series: Romancing Europe, book 3
Genre: contemporary, second chance romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: August 13, 2019
Rating: ★★★★✰

Lucky in Lugano is an emotional and inspiring romance about second chances, atonement, and a love that survived distance and time.

If you’ve read the previous books in the series (which isn’t necessarily required, but does help with the backstory), then you’ve already met Sophia. The author wastes no time transporting readers into the picturesque country of Switzerland and into the heart of Sophia’s story. Grant and Sophia have a heartbreaking history together. But when they unexpectedly meet again in Lugano, their chemistry sparks once again and feelings reappear–feeling that were thought to be forgotten–giving hope that a happily ever after just might be in the cards for them. But fear and insecurity overtake Sophia, making her question whether second chances are possible.

This story is full of heart, heat and long-lost love. Sophia and Grant are complicated, yet not. Yes, they have history, Yes, they were madly in love with each other. And yes, you can clearly see they still have undeniable feelings for each other. But that same past prevents them from overcoming their trust issues, and Grant’s job brings a whole new set of challenges that tear at the strings of their newly formed reconnection. You can’t help but endure the struggles right along with the characters while reading their journey to love.

Lucky in Lugano is a touching and romantic quick read that fits perfectly within the Romancing Europe series. These stories showcase passion, adversity, and devotion, and are the perfect summer time reads that will leave you yearning for more.

4 Stars!


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lucky in lugano

Not all first loves are lucky enough to get a second chance…

Talented orthopedic surgeon Dr. Grant Jergenson finds himself part of a special residency program in Switzerland. The last thing he expects while spending a year abroad is to be reunited with the woman who broke his heart four years ago.

Newly divorced, Sophia Lakkas has made a lot of mistakes in life, but her biggest regret by far was walking away from the only man she ever truly loved. When a trip to Lugano to help with her sister’s baby brings them face to face, old flames burn bright.

As Grant and Sophia work to forget the past, they find that the future is also full of obstacles. Can Grant keep the woman he loves without sacrificing his career or is one of them going to walk away again… making this second chance their last.

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