Review: SONATA by Skye Warren


Sonata by Skye Warren
Series: North Security, book 3
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: August 12, 2019
Rating: ★★★ 1/2

The conclusion to Liam and Samantha’s story. Can they find the love they so desperately need or are they too broken? 

I have been waiting for this since book 1 and I thought it was a bi underwhelming.

I LOVED the progression of Samantha and Liam’s relationship. They started at the speed of light and I liked that they sort of kept that pace. It felt natural and honestly I wanted to shake them and push them in to a HEA since book 1 so this was a dream come true.

Samantha actually grew into an all around badass and I love that for her. She grew so much since he beginning and I really like her story arc. They way she loves and supports Liam is unparalleled and I think she was the perfect fit for him.

Liam was still the growly bonehead till the end and I dig that more than I should. He deserves all the happiness and love in the world and I love that he’s finally getting it.

I think some of the questions were left unanswered and the mystery part of the story was kind of abandoned to give these two a HEA. I really REALLY wanted some concrete answers and not getting them was disappointing.

I think we as a group need to have a detailed discussion about Josh because that man is driving me crazy and he hasn’t even gotten his book yet. I NEED!

3.5 Stars!


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Who is Samantha Brooks without her violin? Fear lives in the silent spaces. Love does, too. There’s a battle being waged in her heart, and Liam North is determined to win. He’ll use every weapon in his arsenal. His body. His heart. Except the spotlight puts her in the crosshairs of dangerous men.

Samantha fights to compose her own ending, even as the final notes rise to a heartbreaking crescendo.

SONATA is the third and final book in the explosive trilogy with Samantha Brooks and Liam North. It should be read after OVERTURE and CONCERTO.


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