Review Tour + Excerpt – FEAST OF SPARKS by Sierra Simone

FEAST OF SPARKS (Thornchapel #2) by Sierra Simone

Release Date: August 1st
Cover Designer: Hang Le
Photographer: Regina Wamba


I’m an outcast and a loner, named for death itself. Fate wasn’t supposed to have plans for me.

But then she came back—the girl I once kissed in a thorn-covered chapel in the woods. She came back, and I could no more resist her than I could pry out my own heart. And by some trick of fate, she wants me as much as I want her. The only problem? She also wants the man who owns Thornchapel, Auden Guest.

And so do I.

Eight years ago, I did something to Auden, something terrible. He hurt me back the only way he knew how, and so here we are: our hatred seasoned with pain and my loneliness seasoned with longing. The only thing we can agree on is Proserpina Markham, and she wants us to find a way to be together—all three of us.

If Auden wants to earn her as his submissive, then he has to earn me as well.

But with the discovery of bones behind the altar and the carnal revel of Beltane fast approaching, it’s becoming clear that Thornchapel’s secrets are much deeper and older than any of us could have ever guessed. And no matter how bright and merry a feast of sparks may be, it’s always followed by ashes.

And darkness.


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feast of sparks

Secrets were revealed that shook Thornchapel to it’s core but it’s just the beginning. Now, the secrets that are trying to rupture can tear these 6 people away for life. Nothing has prepared them for it. 

I don’t understand what I did to Sierra for her to do me so wrong with this book. I had hopes and dreams and they all came crashing at the end of the book. I got played. I got played hard.

Poe, St. Sebastian and Auden had a mountain to climb before they could even entertain the possibility of being together as one. I knew it would be difficult but man did I love the whole process. I have been invested since day 1 and honestly a weight was lifted because I finally knew what went wrong and that they can actually move on from it.

I love my pouty broody boys, St. and Auden to death. I really do. They ocean of hurt that they carried inside of them needed tending to and I’m so glad that they could get past it.

I am kinda done with Poe. I don’t know why but she felt off and I just didn’t relate to her.

I am also a bit disappointed that Rebecca and Delphine didn’t get the same amount of attention St. and Auden did. I’m hoping this changes in the next books and I have insanely high hopes now.

The story has just gotten the most convoluted any story could get. I don’t know how St. and Auden are supposed to come back actually I don’t think there is any coming back and that possibility makes my heart hurt. I’m super excited for what’s to come next.

4 Stars!


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Shame, hot and prickling, needles everywhere at my face and chest and belly as I begin to bend down to the floor. The cool air that caresses my pussy is now everywhere as the position begins to expose my most secret flesh, and there’s no pretending away the reality of what I’m doing. I’m doing something I’ve never done before, I’m offering up the filthiest part of me for inspection, and despite everything the three of us have shared in the past twenty-four hours, I’m flooded with shame. It’s real shame now, not play-shame, and my safe word floats to the top of my mind, a buoy in the clear waters.


I don’t want to safe out right now, I’m nowhere near the edge, but it’s nice to have it there all the same. Reassuring. There’s nothing they can do that I can’t stop.

And anyway, this is who I am—who I’ve been growing into ever since I found the words to define it.

About the Author

Sierra Simone is a USA Today Bestselling former librarian (who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk.) She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.

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