Review: GOOD GIRLS by Max Henry

good girls

Good Girls by Max Henry
Series: Arcadia High Anarchists, book 1
Genre: NA, bully romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: July 16, 2019
Rating: ★★★★✰

Caught between two worlds, Lacey is going through a identity crisis. Being an outcast is not something she anticipated but after her father’s criminal case it was inevitable. Now, she has to navigate her new life between a town full of secrets and the students of Arcadia High. 

This book was so unexpected, I almost forgot myself my the end of it.

I don’t wanna give any hints as this book should be enjoyed going in blind so I’ll be pretty vague.

I’m new to reading bully romances and honestly 90% of them ick me out but I LOVE Max Henry and she came through. I think it was mostly because half of this book felt like a family drama and I was really into it. I got more and more invested in the story the more I read it.

My the end of it I had 200 questions and I can’t even wait for book 2. Max has created and intriguing new world of secrets and lies and I really want to see how it all enfolds. It’s going to be one rocky, exciting ride.

4 Stars!


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good girls

Boys versus girls. Those who have it all versus those who’d do anything to get it.

Caught between two worlds, I no longer know who I am.

I was one of the Chosen. Four girls, and four boys, destined to have it all: wealth, status, and a future. Now, I find myself on the other side looking for a way back in.

My father’s criminal case meant we lost it all. Forced out of our home, our city, our life, we started anew in a sweet country town called Arcadia.

Except after one day as “the new girl” I know there isn’t a single sweet thing about Arcadia High. Trouble brews amongst the student body. Love, lies, and betrayal. And when the consequences spill out the decorative gates?

These spoilt country kids won’t know what hit them after the city come to collect.

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