New Release + Excerpt – AMPLIFIER by Max Henry


Amplifier by Max Henry

Series: Dark Tide #2
Genre: Rock Star/Contemporary
Release Date: June 6, 2019

Amplifier eBook

“What’s it like?” he asked me. “To be happy all of the time?”

Truth was, I didn’t know how to put it into words. So I showed him. Love, laughter, and life. I gave Dark Tide’s lead guitarist a glimpse of it all.

He wanted more. I longed to give it to him.

But every so often fate slips up. Soulmates meet while on incompatible paths. The only thing certain about our future was that there couldn’t be one.

“What’s it like to be happy?”

I’m not sure I know anymore.

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Teaser 1


“I’m sorry he did this. I was just trying to help.” She sets the ice gently on my collarbone, watching her hand as she does. “Toby and Rey were arguing because of me, and I just wanted to stop them.”


She glances at me before returning her focus to the ice. “You’re a band. You’re supposed to work together. I didn’t like seeing the divide and knowing I was to blame.”

“Not why did you try and stop them,” I explain. “I meant why were they arguing over you?”

“I think Rey’s just having a bad day, right?”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

She huffs a breath, fidgeting with the ice unnecessarily. I set my hand over hers and still it.

“I walked onstage at the wrong time,” she confesses, eyes down. “You could have cut the tension with a knife, and given Emery and Toby were ignoring Rey, I guess I was an easy target for his frustration.”

“He was an asshole to you?” Fucking diva knows no limits.

“I didn’t know how to handle him.” She flexes her hand beneath mine.

I realize how hard I hold it and pull away. “You’re not the only one.” My head hits the back of the seat as I let out a loaded sigh. “He’s got… issues that mean he can’t get a grip on his frustration.”

“Why is he so pissed off?” Henley relaxes onto her heels, twisting the ice pack to keep the contact cold. “The tour has been a hit so far.”

“At face value.” I glance her way, rolling my head on the seat.

My hair slides into my face. She gently brushes the strands aside, then frowns when I jerk away from her touch.


“Just don’t.” I close my eyes and focus on the chill of the ice pack.

“I really am sorry—”

“I said, stop.” She’s so nice, so genuine. I could have fallen for this so easily.

“Would you like me to leave?”

I pin her with a hard stare and swallow hard. “I want you to tell me why you’re really here; on this tour.”

“Because this is what I want to do.” Her brow twitches into a frown, her hand as unsettled while she seemingly tries to pull away yet also keep the ice in place.

“Is that all?”

Henley sucks in a deep breath before answering on an exhale. “Yes.”

I shake my head, knocking her hand out of the way to take charge of the ice.

“What? What have I done?”

“It’s more what you will do.” I’ve got enough bullshit to contend with without worrying about how her groupie ass will derail this tour. “I can’t believe you’re playing innocent.” I should have known the minute she rocked up looking like one of the fucking paying customers.

Henley rises to her feet. Her throat bobs as she seemingly composes herself. “Less than a day with you and I already understand one thing.”

“Enlighten me,” I snide.

“You’re so much better when you don’t talk.”

Like she’d fucking know.

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