Review: THE INITIATION by Nikki Sloane

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The Initiation by Nikki Sloane
Series: Filthy Rich Americans, book 1
 contemporary romance

Publisher: Shady Creek Publishing
Publication Date: May 28, 2019
Rating: ★★★★1/2


I will not give any details about the plot because I think y’all need to go in blind and experience this book in it’s full glory.

Royce Hale and Marist Northcott seem to be the pawns of a pretty elaborate game and at some points it feels like neither of them is prepared for all the madness going around them.

I freaking adore Marist. She might be an introvert who was thrown into an impossible situation but I already saw so much growth in her in just this book, I cannot wait to see her bring down nations in the story to come. I wanna see her throw hands and obliterate puny men. It’s going to be a life changing experience.

I expected more from Royce. I don’t know why but I don’t trust this man. I fell like he is planning to unleash a world of hurt but doesn’t exactly know to execute it all. Also, I’m a bit angry at him after that cliffhanger.

Okay so this might be a spoiler so I’m going to say it outright but just know that I am confessing something I am ashamed of. I am really into a character no one should be and Idk how to feel about my life rn.

This book has so many twists and turns and believe me the story has only just started. My heart is not even ready for what’s to come. Nikki Sloane is a sorceress who has come on Earth to charm us all and she is fully succeeding in her endeavors and I am loving it.

4.5 Stars!


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the initiation

No one knows how new members are selected to the board of Hale Banking and Holding. But there are rumors of a sordid rite of initiation.

Whispers how one woman and nine men disappear into a boardroom.

This time, that woman will be me.

The Hale family owns everything—the eighth largest bank in the world, everyone in our town, even the mortgage on my parents’ mansion. And now Royce Hale wants to own me.

He is charming. Seductive. Ruthless. But above all, he’s the prince of lies. My body may tighten with white-hot desire under his penetrating gaze, but I refuse to enjoy it.

I’ll make a deal with the devil to save my family and sell myself to the Hales. But Royce will never own my heart.

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