Review: CONCERTO by Skye Warren


Concerto by Skye Warren
Series: North Security, book 2
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: May 14, 2019
Rating: ★★★★✰

Just when I thought things were started to unravel and answers coming forth, THINGS happened and now I have more questions than ever.

Samantha is finally on a path where she can play her music for the world. She’s on tour with the best of musicians but misses Liam with a desperate ache. I still think she is a bit naive but she showed amazing growth in this book. I am loving the ways she is changing and becoming her own woman.

Liam is hurting and I hurt to think of him being in pain. I am starting to understand why he does what he does. I feel so sad about the way he treats himself. My only hope is that Samantha will love him so much that maybe in time he’ll like himself a little. I adore his badass caveman no one can touch me style but he needs more sweet sweet loving.

I know I said I love the North brothers’ vibe but I may have been prematurely stating that. I think they all need to hug and have a serious heart to heart or they might explode.

So Josh North is insane. Like I think he might be borderline certifiable and as the past has shown I am really into it? I feel like he’ll give me a lot of anxiety but I like it and want it more. I am here for it!

4 Stars!


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The spotlight lands on Samantha Brooks. Years of practice build to the opening night of a global tour. She plays her heart out, but there are darker forces underneath the stage.

There are eyes watching from the wings.

Liam North fights to keep her safe with every weapon he owns. She’s his greatest pride—and his greatest weakness. The danger comes from somewhere no one expected. Betrayal threatens to destroy everything he’s built. His business. His family. His life.

When the curtain falls, only one of them will be left standing.

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