Review: WHITE RABBIT: THE RISE by London Miller

white rabbit - the rise

Acquainted by London Miller
Series: The Kingmaker Saga, book 1
 romantic suspense

Publisher: self published
Publication Date: November 28, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

My mind is blown. My heart is hurting. My life is a mess.

An investigative journalist falls into the path of wrong men. But one of those men, incites such raw feelings in her that she cannot stay away. The ‘Kingmaker’ who grants lifelines will be the one to ruin her heart. 

This story had my heart racing from start to finish. I can’t even begin to explain how much this book made my life.

Karina Ashworth can walkover me with spike heels and I’d gladly let her do it. I am in awe for her fearlessness and the way she went against entitled evil men. If there is anyone who can rule a nation, it’s Karina. A FEMINIST ICON WE STAN!!!

Uilleam Runehart is too smooth and suave for life and I cannot deal. Y’all will not believe how easily he wooed Karina, like I got second-hand wooed just from reading. This man is too much and I adore every bit of it.

I know there were already so many heart-stopping moments but their story is just starting. I am 85% blindly excited and 15% deathly scared. GIVE ME MORE! HURT ME MORE!

5 Stars!


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white rabbit the rise

As an investigative journalist, Karina Ashworth’s job involves delving into New York’s black market of criminals and mischief where sin is almost too tempting to ignore.

When she crosses paths with a man whose smile is a little too cunning—and his power a little too vast—she learns very quickly that dancing with the devil is far more enjoyable than she had ever imagined.

But Uilleam Runehart is not at all what he seems, and as a notorious fixer with a thirst for power, he’ll do anything to obtain his title.


How much would you pay to be a king?

From Romantic Suspense author, London Miller, comes the first book in a sexy, thrilling new series following a man with too much power and the only woman that can bring him to his knees.

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