Review: FRISKY BUSINESS by Lila Monroe

frisky business

Frisky Business by Lila Monroe
Series: Chick Flick Club, book 3
Genre: romantic comedy
Publisher: Lila Monroe Books
Publication Date: May 13, 2019
Rating: ★★★★★

What a perfect way to round out this series! Frisky Business is a playful, hearts-in-your-eyes, swoony must read! Lila Monroe never fails to deliver fun and feisty rom-coms!

Eve and Noah are a somewhat “opposites attract” couple. True love enthusiast Eve and Mr. Playboy Noah seem to butt heads more times than not, especially when they both discover they’ll be roommates. Having previously met under false pretenses, Eve thinks she knows exactly who Noah is. But when mishap happens, their only solution is to work together to get themselves out of trouble. Eve soon realizes that Noah isn’t at all who she thought he was, and the mad chemistry that sizzles between them leaves Eve wondering is she found her match.

This book was sweet, steamy, and full of laughs. The dynamic between Eve and Noah and the build up of their relationship was very enjoyable to read – how it transformed from almost-enemies to a fun and flirty couple, progressing effortlessly with the story line. Witty banter and emotional connections only boost the already comedic aspects of the book, making this story a for sure hit!

As with the previous books in the series, the story takes a classic tale and puts its own special twist to it. Incredibly hilarious dialogue mixed with some mischievous situations, Frisky Business will keep you entertained from beginning to end!

5 Stars!


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frisky business

Get frisky with the sizzling new standalone romantic comedy from USA Today bestselling author, Lila Monroe!

Noah Hathaway is infuriatingly hot, annoyingly charming… and my new room-mate?! This pet-sitting gig was supposed to be a vacation from drama, but that was before the hunky guy in the pool-house started sticking his nose (and his annoyingly chiseled abs) in my business.

I’m looking for Mr. Right, not Mr. Most Likely to Sneak Out of Bed (And Steal Your Breakfast Pop Tart On the Way Out the Door), so despite the red-hot sparks between us, I’m determined to stay away. But when one little party gets way out of hand, we’re suddenly both on the wrong side of trouble. Unless we can come up with ten thousand dollars in the next three weeks, we’re screwed. And not just when it comes to the adorable pooches.

With the clock ticking, we have no choice but to team up and embark on a madcap scheme to save our asses – with the help of a few furry friends. But with the chemistry between us reading Defcon-69, can I keep my hands (and heart) to myself? Or will this pup-tastic scheme leave us both in the doghouse?

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