Review: THE UPRISING by Liz Meldon

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The Uprising by Liz Meldon
Series: The Hunt, companion novel
Genre: PNR, angels/demons
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: April 25, 2019
Rating: ★★★★★

When Liz said this was a love letter to the fans of The Hunt she 100% was not kidding because I am utterly in love.

A chaos demon who has known nothing but darkness and bloodshed. A mortal human who was plunged face first into a dangerous world. Together they’ll discover how good it feels to give into pleasure. 

My heart was in my throat for most of this book which is peak Liz Meldon. I was so excited, a bit terrified and absolutely in love while reading. No one and I mean no one writes a PNR like Liz. I love her thought process and her writing always flows like a dream.

Can I get a standing ovation for Malachi HOLY MOTHER OF DEMONS Saevitia??? I have a special place in my heart for this fool. I have been waiting with baited breath for a book about him and I cannot tell you how over the moon I was while reading. My angsty baby! *serious heart eyes* 

Ella my badass babe!! Ugh I just adore her. If I was in her place and all I saw were demons and monsters, I’d freak and then run away forever. But not our Ella. She stepped the hell up for her friend and I just really want her to be my bff. Her chemistry with Malachi was scorching hot. At one point, I had to close the book and walk away to get some water.

I always love what Liz writes but I am pretty sure she outdid herself with this story. I AM IN LOVE SO MUCH LOVE!!!

5 Stars!


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the uprising

From the ashes, a predator rises.

After stumbling into the supernatural world with her angel-hybrid bestie, Ella Thomas is doing just fine, thank you very much.

As the only human in her new social circle, Ella refuses to let the weirdness of living with angels, demons, and witches affect her. Not only did she conquer her master’s degree, but the fall term makes teachers’ college a reality, bringing her one step closer to her dream job.

If only her love life was shaping up as smoothly. Lately, every first date has been a dud, every guy Mr. Wrong, and she knows precisely who to blame…

A six-foot-seven hunk of chaos demon who disappeared months ago without a word. Try as she might, Ella can’t get snarky, seductive Malachi out of her head—and it’s driving her freakin’ nuts.

Lurking in shadows, he stalks his prey.

Sensing an opportunity to seize a valuable hell-gate, Malachi Saevitia descends into the pit, butchering and bribing and schmoozing until his name is on the deed to Farrow’s Hollow. No more useless demon mobs wasting a city primed for damnation. No more thuggish brutes making life difficult for his little brother. Under Malachi’s control, the darkness can—and will—flourish.

Before he can choose his faithful lieutenants, however, a summons sent by the Farrow’s Hollow angel garrison reaches him in Hell. Curious, Malachi goes topside, eager to see what the winged bastards want.

Only to once again find himself face-to-face with Ella Thomas. Breathtaking, mouthy, bold, she is the one and only human Malachi cannot seem to forget—a human who makes him fight his instincts and play the hero.

And for a chaos demon, there is no greater sin.

After the raid on Seraphim Securities, a power vacuum splinters the Farrow’s Hollow demon community, and from the pit, a monster stakes his claim—on the city, on the humans within it…

And most of all, on her.

The Uprising is a full-length companion novel to The Hunt, a demon paranormal romance serial. It is a direct follow-up to the four books and cannot be read as a standalone.

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