Review: TIME by Penny Reid


Time by Penny Reid
Series: Laws of Physics, book 3
Genre: contemporary, romantic comedy
Publisher: EverAfter Romance
Publication Date: April 15, 2019
Rating: ★★★★★

Mona and Abram fell in love but their trials have only started. Can their new relationship bear the weight of long distances, infrequent meetings and a secret that has been haunting Mona for years? 

I cannot believe their story is finished. Like I have wanted them to be happy for so long and now we finally have it and my heart is so so so full.

Mona and Abram haven’t had it easy. Not at all. After declaring their love all that is left is trusting each other through a long distance relationship that will test all their boundaries. Honestly, these two handled it better than I would have.

I have loved Mona since book #1 and my love only grew in TIME. Her character growth has been amazing. I know by the end she still had some things she needed to work through but I just really appreciate how Penny handled such a delicate issue. It’s okay to ask for help, it’s okay to need help.

Abram is the ultimate book boyfriend. His fierce protectiveness towards Mona gave me heart palpitations. How can one man feel so much, so big and so beautiful, I’ll never know. I was just in awe of him and his love for Mona.

Honestly, if there were Nobel prizes being handed out just for existing then Mona and Abram would definitely get one. I love these two ; separately and together. I adore how Penny wrote them a little perfect, a little flawed and a lot adorable. I am just really in love with these two, okay?

Another amazing highlight of this book were Marie and Abram’s parents. They are such cute creatures, I CANNOT DEAL. Can they adopt me already?

I’ll miss Abram and Mona something fierce. This story of theirs will stay with me for a long time, making me laugh and cry. I am just going to find a way to re-read them every year because I love it THAT MUCH.

5 Stars!


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A (brokenhearted) physicist.
Now an infamous (who is LITERALLY EVERYWHERE!! UGH!) musician.
The worst has already happened.

Mona has learned that she has nothing figured out and plans are meaningless. After leaving her in Aspen, Abram is now breaking sales-records, rising to rock star fame almost overnight. Mona can’t seem to escape him. He is literally everywhere, or at least images of him are.

Just when she thinks things can’t get any more confusing, Abram returns . . . What happens next? Only TIME will tell.

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