New Release + Review – SKATER BOY by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Skater Boy by Mary Catherine Gebhard

Series: Patchwork House #1
Genre: Young Adult/Sports Romance
Release Date: April 25, 2019


Rebels. Misfits. Bad boys who rule the streets. Everyone’s welcome at the worst kept secret in town, just as long as you don’t mind getting your reputation—and your heart—a little dirty.

Welcome to Patchwork House…

Patchwork House is a boy’s club—a mean boy’s club. They made an exception for Tweetie once, and they’re going to make another, because she’s coming home. After two years away and one too many broken hearts, Tweetie swore off skaters—but she never expected Flip.

Flip was the most famous skater in the world until he traded his place at Patchwork with the little girl whose life he ruined. Now Tweetie’s all grown up, and one chance encounter brings them together. He knows the right thing to do is disappear before things get ugly, but he never was very good at being good.

She’s back, and so is he—all bets are off. Nothing will stop this bad boy from finally getting his lost girl. They’re written in the stars, and it’s time she knows it.

The first lesson Flip taught Tweetie was how to fall.It was also the last thing she remembered when they met again, because she didn’t just fall for him.

She slammed.


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skater boy

One girl in the midst of rebels. The girl they all fiercely protected but he desperately loved from afar. Now he’s done with staying away but being close to her means hurting her.

Because he is hiding secrets. Secrets that could destroy the love he’s been pining for years.

I am not of this world anymore. How dare Mary do this to me?? Making me fall in love with Tweetie and the Rebel Gods within pages? Absolutely unfair!!

Y’all I’m a fool for these misfit boys with their tattoos and their brooding and their smartass remarks and all of their issues. Man, I am a sucker for bad boys with a heart of gold and MCG gave me exactly THAT.

Tweetie is my precious baby that I need to protect from this World. I love this kid. She has been through so much and yet she never lost the wonder from her eyes. She found her tribe, her people, her love and she became this fierce Goddess that just makes life a better place for herself and everyone she love. I adore her too much.

Flip, my sweet broody sad boy!!! Ugh, when a guy pines for his love and then he’s had enough and he is like I’m gonna convince the love of my life that we belong together, I just feel it hard. SO DAMN HARD!!! His love for Tweetie and his belief in her made my heart pitter patter. I was legit on the edge of seat whenever he would talk to her cuz I was waiting for him to scream out his feelings in her face.

This story, man! I was 259% invested in everything that was happening and I did not want it to stop.

Not only it is one of the best NA I’ve read in a while but the dang representation! I am so happy to read about an Asian character as lead. Not only that, this entire story is filled with characters from different ethnicities and cultures. I am so freaking pumped to read more books in this universe that I am almost gagging with the excitement.

You guys, I love MCG so hard. She understands teen angst and young love like no one else. She wrote these characters like a dream and the story that followed was just so beautiful that you cannot help but fall in love.

I can’t stop gushing about my babies. I need more so much more but till then I’ll keep re-reading my sweet Flip and Tweetie.

5 Stars!



“I’m so bad for you. If I was a good guy, I’d stop. I’d let you be happy.”

I didn’t understand any of what he was saying, but the pain I felt. Deep. In his rocky, strangled voice and his desperate, cracking eyes.

“Whatever it is I’ll understand. If you did something…if something happened…I’ll understand.”

Tell me. Please.

Let me in.

His stare dug into me, and again I was certain he was searching for something. I desperately wanted him to find it.

He exhaled, resigned.

“I’m not a good guy. I’m the fucking worst.” He captured my face in his palms, grip sure and almost painful in its desperation. The way he looked at me, I was sure he would kiss me. The way I felt, I was certain I would let him.

But then, with slow and almost agonizing determination, his lips came to my forehead.
I was frozen. Mute. Struck dumb. Everything stopped working all I knew was his lips on my skin. Soft and so tender, a complete contrast to his grip digging into my skull.

He pulled back, pressed his forehead to mine, and looked at me from beneath hooded lids.

“I’m going to put the awe back in your eyes,” he said, and my breath caught. “You looked at me like I was a god once, and you’ll do it again.”

About the Author

Mary Catherine Gebhard bites off more than she can chew. She’s lived in Salt Lake City, Utah her entire life, but occasionally goes on vacation from reality. Don’t worry, she sends postcards.

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