Review: TWISTED PRIDE by Cora Reilly

twisted pride

Twisted Pride by Cora Reilly
Series: The Camorra Chronicles, book 3
Genre: romantic suspense
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: April 16, 2019
Rating: ★★★★✰

Yo!!! This book messed me up to the max.

This was my first ever book by Cora and man she blew me away. I was not expecting even 1% of this story which is why it hit me so hard. I am still raw from what happened in the book but damn it was a good hurt.

Remo and Serafina aren’t you’re typical lovers. They had a pretty volatile relationship from the start but the thing I loved was how their love was a gradual progression towards something they could both cherish. I LOVE LOVE the way everything came together and these two got their HEA.

For the first few chapters I wasn’t sure about Remo. I was super skeptical about liking him and wasn’t even sure if I’d get to that point. But man I was so wrong. I did not expect him to be so vulnerable with Fina. I was sure he didn’t have it in him. He did. He did so hard!!

Serafina is one of the strongest characters I’ve ever read. It was so easy to love her and feel deeply for her. I think my emotions were in sync with her when it came to Remo because I was that attuned to her. I love how she gave up everything for what was right for her. I adore this woman.

This was definitely one heart pumping story. I was always on the edge of my seat waiting for what would happen next. Twisted Pride was the perfect introduction I could have had to Cora’s decadent world of mafia. I am officially a fan for life.

4 Stars!


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twisted pride

Remo Falcone is beyond redemption.
As Capo of the Camorra he rules with a brutal hand over his territory – a territory the Chicago Outfit breached.
Now Remo is out for retribution.
A wedding is sacred, stealing a bride sacrilegious.
Serafina is the niece of the Boss of the Outfit, and her hand has been promised in marriage for years, but kidnapped in her wedding dress on her way to church by Remo, Serafina quickly realizes that she can’t hope for saving. Yet, even in the hands of the cruelest man she knows, she is determined to cling to her pride, and Remo soon understands that the woman at his mercy might not be as easy to break as he thought.
A ruthless man on a quest to destroy the Outfit by breaking someone they are supposed to protect.
A woman intent on bringing a monster to his knees.
Two families that will never be the same.

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