Review: REBEL SAINT by Adriane Leigh

rebel saint

Rebel Saint by Adriane Leigh
forbidden romance

Publisher: self published
Publication Date: March 18, 2019
Rating: ★★★ 1/2

Tressa found herself on the steps of St. Micheal’s church, broken and beaten down by her life’s circumstances. She expected the old priest to help her, what she didn’t expect was Father Bastien, the one who’d tempt her to the ends of the Earth.

Their love is considered unholy. But the heart wants what it wants. Even if it’s forbidden.

So this was my first Adriane Leigh book and I am thoroughly impressed by her writing. The book was so well crafted and beautifully written, it flowed like a dream. I definitely loved all the angst and slow burn that came with Bastien and Tressa.

Even though I absolutely loved the story and how it was written, I couldn’t form any connection with the characters. I just wasn’t invested enough in them. I wish I had related more to either of them.

3.5 Stars!


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rebel saint

She found herself on the steps of St. Michael’s seeking shelter, what she didn’t expect was temptation so sharp and sweet concealed beneath one snow-white collar.

He rescued her from rock bottom, desperate people squeezed together by the desperate cracks of life, but their relationship was never innocent. The thinly-veiled attraction combustible, magnetism so explosive it rattles the very foundations of their belief.

But can their unholy love story withstand the fall?

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