Review: WRAPPED IN LOVE by Lexi Ryan

wrapped in love

Wrapped in Love by Lexi Ryan
Series: The Boys of Jackson Harbor, book 4
Genre: contemporary, second chance romance
Publisher: Ever After, LLC
Publication Date: December 4, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

I was entirely too anxious for Wrapped in Love to hit my kindle. I had mixed emotions upon discovering who this book was about. But after reading it, I can for sure say that I all my uncertainties I had were swept away.

After reading book one, The Wrong Kind of Love, I was instantly hooked on this series. Although they can be read as standalones, I highly recommend reading them in order, as character and story development with ALL the characters takes place throughout the entirety of the series.

Like I’ve already stated, I was very questionable about how I would feel about Molly and Brayden. And since we’ve only been given glimpses and half-revealed truths about her backstory and we’ve only known him as an ambitious workaholic, my early perception of them was debatable. To be honest, I just wasn’t sure I was going to love them as much as the characters in the previous books. So that’s why I couldn’t wait to read their story. I was hoping my early assumptions were proved wrong, and I’d love them just as much. And it did just that!

Molly and Brayden were very compelling characters. Both have been hurt by the people closest to them, and both struggle to become more than what their pasts dictate and who they’ve allowed themselves to be. That is until they enter one another’s lives. Instant attraction flares between them, but only one of them is willing to put their heart on the line, to prove that what they have is more than a casual relationship, but something that’s deeper, something that’s more beautiful than either of them have allowed themselves to have.

At times, this story is heartbreaking. The challenges and complications the characters face seem to be too much for either of them to face. But on the other hand, this story was joyous and emotional with words of compassion, acceptance, and love. The progression of the story line alongside the development of Molly and Brayden’s relationship, flowed wonderfully and truly captured my heart.

Wrapped in Love is the embodiment of an intense and angsty second chance love story. Don’t pass up this remarkably written romance; allow yourself to be wrapped up in all the passion, heartache, and holiday excitement that this book offers. Highly recommended!

4 Stars!


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wrapped in love

A one-night stand with the boss was never in her plans. Neither was falling in love . . . 

The rumors are true. I am a hot mess with an awful track record at love. Single mom. Down on her luck. Yeah, I’m bad news.

So if the hardest part of moving back home to Jackson Harbor was going to be people talking? I’d be fine. I’ve kept my chin up through worse than their decade-old gossip.

I was wrong. The hardest part is resisting my boss. Brayden Jackson is the very picture of tall-dark-and-handsome. And thanks to an ill-advised one-night stand we had seven months ago, I know exactly what I’m missing when I turn him down. Every. Single. Delicious. Inch.

But I have my son to care for and my job to keep, so I’ll keep on saying no.

Until my string of bad luck continues, and suddenly my precious four-year old and I find ourselves with nowhere to live. At Christmas, no less. It’s for my son that I accept Brayden’s offer to stay at his place. One by one, my defenses are falling, as fast as I am. If Brayden was smart, he’d run, because it’s only a matter of time before he realizes he deserves better than what a girl like me can offer.

Unless, for once, my bad luck is leading me exactly where I need to be.

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