Review: BREAK ME DOWN by M. Mabie

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Break Me Down by M. Mabie
Series: The Breaking Trilogy, book 2
 contemporary romance

Publisher: self published
Publication Date: October 23, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Abe continues to wreck my life with his thoughtfulness and I gladly let him.

Myra ran when she learnt the truth of her and Abe’s relationship. Hurt and betrayed, she can’t trust him ever again. But Abe is determined and his devotion for her is real. He’ll do anything to convince her of their love. He’ll bring her back and beg for forgiveness. Because she’s always been and will be his girl. 

So this book was a bit slow but towards the end the pace actually fit Abe and Myra’s delicate relationship.

I can’t even deal with Abe in this book. He is hurt, he is lonely and he is paying for a mistake he made with good intentions. But his respect and devotion for Myra never wavered. He gave her some time but then he went after her and did everything in his power to get her back, to apologize, to make his World right. I love this man so much. He is beyond unreal and I just want to protect him and give him all the happiness in the world.

I was sorta annoyed with Myra but mainly because I want her and Abe to be happy forever. She actually really grew as a person through the story and I’m pretty sure she is close to finding her identity and her path in life. She is a strong character and I just cannot wait to see what she does next.

With that tiny cliffhanger I am more than ever excited to see what happens to Abe and Myra. There are so many twists and turns waiting for these two. I AM EXCITE!!!!

4 Stars!


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break me down

BREAK ME DOWN is the continuation of Abraham and Myra’s story and the second novel in the Breaking Trilogy.

“I wasn’t the woman I once was, sheltered from reality. Through it all, one thing remained the same—I wanted Abraham.”

A life outside the gates of Lancaster was never a choice I would have made on my own. Groomed into obedience, I was blind to their manipulation, their neglect, and their abuse.

They are a cult.

Abraham saved me.

Then the ugliest truths came out, and I ran.

Regardless of how hard I push him away, there is no denying the security and comfort I found in his arms. No ignoring the pull he has on me or how his affection gives me strength.


The will to fight.

But I’ll have to find myself before I can ever be truly his.

The real world broke my heart, but it wouldn’t break me down.

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