Review: SEX MATERIAL by Victoria Ashley

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Sex Material by Victoria Ashley
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: November 21, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

When Cami finds out that her boyfriend of five years is cheating on her she needs to leave and fast, but her soon to be new landlord is a real jerk. He is sexy as hell, but often his mouth ruins it for Cami.

Jensen has been through a real rough time, instead of dealing with it, he turned into a walking prick. Cami and Jensen seemed like they might not work. She just found out she had been cheated on and Jensen doesn’t do relationships, but they worked. This book was sexy, sexy, SEXY, did I say sexy? We have the brooding gorgeous a**hole and the semi damsel in distress and yet they worked.

There was a nice flow to the story and sadness when we found out what made Jensen the person he was throughout the story. Overall It was a nice read.

4 Stars!


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sex material

Sex Material…
It’s what I’m known around town for.
A rock-hard body, covered in tattoos with a sizeable bulge that women spend their nights fantasizing about.
Women track me down, needing someone that will fuck them rough without holding back.
They find me because they need a distraction from reality. They need something to get their mind off of the boyfriend who screwed them over or the job promotion they got passed over on at work.
Sometimes it’s just because they need someone reckless in the bedroom before settling down with the right one.
‘Cause I’m sure as hell not that guy.
Nowhere close.
I’m not the suit wearing, flower-buying guy you take home to meet the parents. I’m not the guy who will make you feel all warm and fucking fuzzy inside.
Not anymore.
I was boyfriend material once. Would’ve even made a good husband. That was before everything good in my world got ripped away, leaving me broken beyond repair.
These women come to me because they need an escape to cope with the real world, but none of them know I need it more than them. I need something to make me feel alive. Something to get my heart beating again.
Then Cami shows up in my hometown, broken-hearted and pissed off at the world, needing an escape from her cheating ex.
She’s the only one that doesn’t want to use my body. In fact, she wants nothing to do with it and has no problems telling me so.
She’s interested in one thing only from me—to move into my rental property. But the problem with that is the more we fight, the deeper she buries herself in my soul.
Sex material is what I’m good at, but for the first time, it may not be enough.

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