Review: SIREN IN BLOOM by Lexi Blake

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Siren Beloved by Lexi Blake
Series: Texas Sirens, book 6
Genre: erotic menage
Publisher: Siren Publishing, Inc.
Publication Date: November 6, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★


I am in love with everything in this book even though it hurt me so much.

Leo Meyer has led a drama free devoid of any emotional attachments, except for Shelley McNamara. Her blatant rejection fueled his desire to stay away from relationships, now he helps other people’s problems and ignores his own like an adult.

Shelley McNamara has lived through too much to know she needs to get her life in order and start living it already. The only thing she regrets is having lied to Leo and losing him forever as a consequence. But she is determined to move on.

Wolf was forced to retire from the Navy after a serious injury. He takes but a job at Julian’s club in hopes of reconciling with his family. One look at Shelley and he knows she’s THE ONE for him. But as event unfold, he realizes Leo and Shelley might not be as done with each other as they claim to be.

When her past comes backs to haunt her putting Shelley’s life in danger, Leo and Wolf must work together to save her and make sure the past doesn’t take over another life they dearly value.

Y’all I AM SHOOK! I didn’t even have words after I finished this book because I was flabbergasted. I had my heart hurting to the max because Leo’s pain and longing on top of the Shelley’s regret made me want to curl up in a ball and cry forever.

Leo had deep rooted issues and man I almost believed those will never get sorted but Lexi has got you. I actually worried to death that something was going to go epically and irreversibly wrong. But don’t worry, she made everything fall into place so beautifully. *broken sobs* 

There was so much suspense and mystery to the bad guys’ motivations and honestly I was screaming at Leo and Wolf for not seeing what was happening. I am 200% invested in this book and got disappointed when it ended because I wanted more and more.

This is probably my favourite Siren book because of Leo and Wolf. These two are such precious little gems and they deserve every happiness in the World. I’m so glad these two got their HEA and can now happily make babies for Julian’s kids to play with.

Also, Julian was lowkey the star of this book. I love that meddling asshole.

5 Stars!


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siren in bloom

For psychologist Leo Meyer, peace and comfort come through strict discipline and order. It’s one of the reasons he was chosen by Julian Lodge to be the Dom in residence at his club. His time there has been a near-perfect existence filled with a daily routine free from the chaos of emotional attachment. With the exception of his brief relationship with Shelley McNamara, that is. She may have been the only woman he ever truly loved, but he was confident he had put her out of his mind until she walked into his club on the arm of another man.

Shelley McNamara is tired of waiting for her new life to begin. After finally finding freedom from an abusive marriage, she is eager to discover who she really is. After her encounter with Leo Meyer, she knows that the first thing she wants to explore is the lifestyle he exposed her to during their brief time together. She’s been promised her new Dom will be an excellent fit, but she can’t imagine anyone could fill the hole left by Leo. Until she sees Master Wolf.

After a devastating injury forced his retirement from the Navy SEALs, Wolf has been restless and lost. Hoping to reconnect with his estranged family in Dallas, Wolf accepted a new job working for Julian Lodge. His first assignment is training a beautiful woman named Shelley. Her fiery nature unlocks feelings he didn’t know he was capable of after a life spent in combat. The closer they become, the more certain he is that she is his ideal mate. The only catch is that her relationship with Leo may not be as resolved as they both believed.

Just when Shelley believes the looming shadow of her deceased husband has finally cleared away, a dangerous killer arrives at her door seeking retribution. Leo and Wolf will have to put their grievances aside, leverage all their training, and work together to keep her safe and claim her heart.

Re-released in a second edition with new content.

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