Review: LONG ROAD HOME by Stacey Lynn

long road home

Long Road Home by Stacey Lynn
Series: Love in the Heartland, book 3
Genre: contemporary, second chance romance
Publisher: Stacey Lynn books
Publication Date: November 5, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

Long Road Home is the embodiment of second chance romances!

I will start off by saying I haven’t read the previous books in the Love in the Heartland series, so this book can be read as a complete standalone. I was not lost or confused about the relationship between all the characters. It just makes me want to dive into the other books as soon as possible.

Long Road Home follows the story of Destiny and Jordan. High school sweethearts 10 years previously, these two have unresolved issues regarding their relationship, along with a huge, life-changing secret. Destiny just wants to lay her grandmother to rest and leave the one place that brings back too many cruel and heartless memories….and avoid Jordan at all costs. But Jordan wants answers, and he doesn’t want her to leave without finally getting them.

I can’t tell you how much I loved this book! The story line was touching and empathetic, evoking heartbreak and buried emotional anguish that flowed extremely well with the development of the characters. Destiny and Jordan have a tumultuous history. As much as the bitterness and torment comes through in their interactions together, you can clearly feel their undying love and passion for each other that resonates throughout the book, no matter how much time has passed. Truth and trust become imperative influences in the resolution of their young love, but also becoming building blocks to what could potentially be a HEA together.

Long Road Home is a beautifully penned love story that showcases the concession of one’s wrong doings and the endeavors to make things right, the power of finding inner strength in overcoming adversity, and the unequivocal love and acceptance two people can reclaim that was thought to be lost forever.

A definite 5 star must-read…without a doubt!


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long road home

I left home ten years ago, promising myself I’d never return to the place where I had never been accepted. I was despised and ridiculed for circumstances completely beyond my control.

But when my grandmother passes away, I’m forced to return to Kansas. I will have to face everyone who hated me. But they’re not who I’m most afraid of.

My biggest fear? Facing him.
Jordan Marx.
The boy I once loved more than life itself. The boy who defended me from them. The boy I’d disappeared on, leaving him nothing more than a horrible nasty lie and hastily scribbled note.

When Jordan finds out the secret I have carried for so long, I’m in for the battle of my life.
Or so I thought.

I might have wandered for years on a path riddled with thorns but with Jordan by my side, taking the long road home means more than reuniting with the only man I’ve ever loved. It might just mean finding myself, and the family I never thought I could ever have along the way.

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