New Release + Review – THE LOVERS by Fiona Cole

Cards of Love: The Lovers by Fiona Cole

Release Date: October 25, 2018
Cover Design: Lori Jackson Design


I loved him first.

Jake was my best friend in college-my very straight best friend, until one night he was more. He may have run after what happened between us, but I never forgot him.

When fate puts us in the same place, five years later, he has a fiance by his side. Carina is beautiful, driven, and draws my attention almost as much as he still does.

A game of truth or dare leads to a wild night and a relationship that has our feelings growing into something bigger than any of us intended.

But what happens when our feelings deepen? Can I handle being with two people?

If it means I can have him, I’ll love them both.

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the lovers

Five hundred thousand billion stars for Jackson. 

Jackson and Jake were best friends in college then one night of insane passion changed their relationship forever. They meet years later but Jake belongs to someone else. It shouldn’t have happened but Jackson’s attracted to Carina as much as he is to Jake.

Can these three figure out a way to satisfy their cravings? Can they ever work through their convoluted dynamics? Or is Jackson doomed to have his heart broken all over again? 

Y’all aren’t even ready for what Fiona Cole did in this goddamn book.

Like take whatever you think about MMF relationships or whatever notions you have about this book, wrap them in a nice box and chuck it across the ocean because you are definitely wrong.

Jake is lowkey a jerk and as much as I’d like to punch him in the throat for some of the things he did, I still adore him. I understand his struggle with identity and all his self doubts about his sexuality. It can’t be easy believing one thing your entire life only for it to be discarded in mere seconds. I love that he owned up to his mistakes and actually set about making them right. That’s BDE right there.

Jackson is my forever love and I’d give the world up for him. My heart broke whenever his hurt. I wanted to hug him whenever he was in pain. No one deserves a happy ever after than Jackson and just I love and adore and respect him so much. He stood up for himself even though he was a man desperately in love with someone who might never see it.JACKSON HAS EVERY PIECE OF MY HEART AND I’D STILL GIVE HIM MORE. 

I have to talk about Carina because (a.) That woman is a QUEEN who can bring down nations with just one look and I’d happily serve her for life and (b.) she is quite possibly the most precious soul in this cruel cruel world. I am actually so happy with Carina’s character that I’m almost mad with happiness. She is just such an incredible woman and it was a joy to read about her.

I am so impressed and so absolutely blown away by how beautifully this story was written. The entire relationship between Jake, Carina and Jackson couldn’t possibly have been easy to muddle through but Fiona did it like a pro and she did each and every one of them 100% justice. I am actually proud of having read such a progressive and thoughtful story.

5 Stars!

~ Sonal


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About the Author

Fiona Cole is a military wife and a stay at home mom with a degree in Biology and Chemistry. As much as she loved science she decided to postpone her career to stay at home with her two little girls and immersed herself in the world of books until finally deciding to write her own. Where You Can Find Me is Fiona’s debut novel and will hopefully be the first of many.

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