Review: LOVING MR. CANE by Shanora Williams

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Loving Mr. Cane by Shanora Williams
Series: Cane, book 3
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: October 11, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★


Kandy has always been oblivious and naive when it came to Cane’s true identity. But now she knows everything and she’s scared. Still, her heart beats for him; day and night. Going to him is dangerous and staying away from him breaks her everyday. If only she could stop loving him.

Cane knew staying away from Kandy was in interest of everyone. But his heart loved her, his body craved her and he couldn’t stay away. He vows to never let her go and to fight for their love no matter what life throws at them.

I am just lying in my bed giggling and crying happy tears because Cane and Kandy finally finally have their HEA. (okay not 100% because their story continues in Being Mrs. Cane) But these two made it THEY FUCKING MADE IT!! *cathartic screams of love* 

So, I fell in love with Kandy and I am so damn happy. I adored how she evaluated everything specially putting herself first and wasn’t blinded by stupid notions and then went for what she wanted. Her character development has been incredible and it was a joy to watch it happen.

Cane, my sweet sweet alpha. His love for Kandy gives me insane hope. Not even going to lie, this man has set the bar real high. He actually changed a lot because of Kandy and I love that for him. He knew what he had to do to keep his family safe and man he made it happen.

This was such an epic journey of love and forgiveness and just AHHH I cannot wait for the last installment.

5 Stars!


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loving mr. cane

When I was a little girl, Mr. Cane was my whole world.
He was perfect and handsome and the best thing to have ever happened to my family.
As I grew up, those feelings changed. I wanted him in every possible way, and I got what I’d been craving.
Then I learned things about him…dangerous things.
I was too stubborn to heed his warnings—too naive to see the complicated mess unfolding right in front of me.
My life was torn to shreds because of my desire for him, but how am I supposed to stop loving a man who still means so much to me?

I knew from the start that I should have stayed away from Kandy, but my stubborn heart wouldn’t let me.
I’ve done things I’m not proud of to get to where I am now, and because of it, monsters lurk deep within my shadows, ready to pull me under. She’s better off without me. I know it but still, I can’t let her go. She’s my girl. My everything.
I will fight for our love, even if it means losing everything I worked so hard for in the end.

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