Review: SOULMATE by Katie McCoy


Soulmate by Katie McCoy
Series: Rascals, book 4
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: Katie McCoy Books
Publication Date: October 15, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Hhmmm….for the very first time, I’m having trouble with how to write a review for this particular author’s books. Seriously. There’s just soooo much I want to say about Soulmate, but I would be revealing way too many spoilers if I did that. And I don’t want to be a dick. So here’s my attempt. Just bear with me…

First off, let me just say that I really, REALLY liked the book. There…out with the easy part. Deep down, I was thoroughly entertained and liked the entire plot of the storyline. The writing was flawless, like all Katie McCoy books that I’ve read. The characters’ dynamic together was explosive, playing off the friends-to-lovers vibe that works well for stories like this one. The development and evolution of Sawyer and Gabi’s relationship was effortless, and the desire and passion that leapt off the pages was wholly scintillating, scorching hot, and emotionally driven.

BUT. And I really hate to throw this ‘but’ in here, BUT I wanted to throttle both characters repeatedly throughout the span of reading their story. No joke. I wanted to scream, rage, and strangle both of them for entirely different reasons. This story messed with my emotions and outlook on this book the entire time. One minute, I was absolutely sure this was another 5-star read for me. Then in the next chapter, I was about ready to throw my kindle across the room and yell hysterically. I won’t go into great detail about WHY I had this strong of a reaction – remember, I don’t want to be a dick – but let me just say that as many positive qualities both characters had, their downfalls were just as big.

Goodness gracious. I don’t know what I was expecting out of Sawyer and Gabi’s story, but it wasn’t this. But after reading it, I’m glad I had such a profound reaction to it. It tells me that the author’s ability at engaging her readers and capturing their attention is a quality not all authors possess. This book will linger with me and make me even more anxious for the next, and final, book in the Rascals Series.

Pick up Soulmate now. It won’t disappoint!

4 Stars!


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Sawyer Landry is sexy, rugged, charming… and did I mention sexy? Back in college, we were best of friends – which meant I secretly hid an epic unrequited crush, while he dated every other girl on campus… and then told me all about it the morning after.

Now I’m back in Chicago for the first time in years, and Sawyer is determined to rekindle our friendship. I swore, I wouldn’t put my life (and heart) on hold for him again, but just one look at his handsome face and I know, he’s still the only man for me.

But this time, things are going to be different. No more sitting around, waiting for him to realize his dream woman is right in front of him. No, I’m going to make him see, I’m not just one of the guys anymore.

But can I really go from sidekick to soulmate? And will this playboy bachelor realize, true love is waiting – if he’d only take a chance?

Find out in the hot new standalone romance from Katie McCoy!

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