Review: CLOSE by Laurelin Paige


Close by Laurelin Paige
Series: Ryder Brothers, book 1
Genre: contemporary, rockstar romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: October 10, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Wowza….I need a cold shower after reading this book!

Close is a scorching hot and sexy romance that challenges the mind to look past labels and stereotypes, encouraging the heart to take center stage.

Laurelin Paige flips the tables on the typical age-gap relationship and gives us an older woman/younger man love story. I think this book came at just the right time, where the book world is currently flooded with older man/younger woman romances that seem to blend in one after the other, in my opinion. Don’t get me wrong, those books are fantastic as well and there’s nothing wrong with that type of storyline. But it’s beyond refreshing to read a romance where the woman lands the younger man, cougar labels be damned. Throw in the rockstar and Hollywood elements, creating a forbidden romance vibe, and this story truly sizzles with heat and off-the-charts chemistry.

The author clearly knows what her readers want. Close was perfectly penned, showcasing her undeniable talent at storytelling while featuring her unmistakable erotic and emotional aspects. Sparks fly, passion ignites, and infatuation takes on a whole new meaning in this undeniably provocative and seductive romance.

4 Stars!


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Everyone wants to get close to a rock star. 

The bright lights.
The music.
Those talented fingers strumming… a guitar.
Everyone wants to bang a rock star.

So why do I keep running from the one who wants me?

I’m America’s Sweetheart.
I have a reputation.
He’s a boy-band icon turned rock god.
I’m vanilla.
He’s every flavor of bad.
And he’s much, much too young for me.

If I end up in Nick Ryder’s bed, my career and I will both be screwed.

…but that’s only if I’m caught.

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