Review: BLOOD BOND SAGA 3, 4 & 5 by Helen Hardt

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Blood Bond Saga: Parts 3, 4 & 5 by Helen Hardt
Series: Blood Bond Saga, books 3, 4 & 5
 paranormal romance

Publisher: Waterhouse Press
Publication Date: October 2, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Part 3

Dante knows about the blood bond and that makes him question everything he feels for Erin. He needs to convince her to complete the bond or else their lives would be at risk. The Vampire race is on he verge of extinction and no human believes in them. How could her possibly explain all this to Erin? More than that how will her stop her from running away?

Erin doesn’t understand Dante’s behaviour but that didn’t stop her from falling for him. Things have started getting more and more suspicious at work and she’s determined to get to the root of it all. Unaware of the danger that surrounds her from all sides, Erin ventures deeper into the World of Vampires and bloodlust.

Omg?? If I thought things would get easier than I was dead wrong.

Dante is still his amazing brooding self and honestly I love his grump hate and cold routine because he can be sugary sweet too. His connection with Erin is so raw and pure, I can’t get enough of it. I keep worrying about Erin’s life constantly and it’s like please just make these two happy.

It feels like things are finally getting to the crucial point and I am desperate for the next installments. This story is super engaging and well written. Can’t wait to see more of Erin and Dante.

Part 4

Vampires are real and Erin seems to be losing her damn mind. No matter what’s the truth she can’t even think about staying away from Dante. Her emotions are turned up to the max and nothing can stop what she feels when Dante sinks his teeth into her.

He’s finally tasted her blood and now Dante can never have enough. Their lives are in danger and Erin pulling away hurts him more than anything.

This story just keeps getting more and more interesting. It’s getting convoluted and I am more curious than ever but there’s so much happening that you could never get bored.

Blood Bond is suspenseful, romantic, fast paced and so so delicious. I couldn’t get enough and I doubt I ever will. This world of vampires is unlike any I’ve ever read and honestly I feel reluctant putting the book down. We’re in the middle of the this epic story and everything can blow up at any minute. MORE MORE AND MORE!!!

Part 5

Dante is hell bent on finding more information from the ancient Vampyre Texts but some force is trying to stop him. He’s desperate for answers and his and Erin’s life depends on it.

Erin tried so hard to resist Dante but giving in seems like the only thing that’ll bring her relief. But she still can’t seem to come to terms with Dante’s truth. Unfortunately, more vampires have been lured by her scent and she’s in more danger now than ever.


I had goosebumps reading this book. It’s so good and I am officially addicted. The suspense got more and more intense and it felt like the book ended too soon. Erin and Dante are fighting so hard for their HEA and I just want to fight everything and give it to them.

There’s still a few more books to go and I am getting scared because why why can’t they just love each other and be happy and live on a peaceful beach? I can’t even imagine what more is in store for them but I’m sure as hell excited.

4 Stars!


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blood bond 3

Blood Bond #3

Now that Dante Gabriel recognizes the blood bond Erin Hamilton has formed with him, he has to convince her that she must complete the bond for both their sakes. Vampires are rapidly dying out, and humans have long considered them nothing more than a myth. How can he make her understand?

Erin has fallen in love with Dante, but she’s still confused and angered by his behavior. To keep her mind occupied, she immerses herself in a mystery that has evolved at work. Patients have been disappearing from the hospital, and Erin finds a clue regarding their blood.

blood bond 4

Blood Bond #4

Vampires are real. That fact has Erin Hamilton thinking she’s headed for crazy town. Still, she can’t deny the intense emotion she experiences when Dante Gabriel sinks his teeth into her neck to take her blood. She’s in love, and her body responds to his bite in a way she never could have imagined.

Once Dante tastes Erin’s blood, he’s addicted forever and cannot live without it. He’s heartbroken when she demands that he leave and never return. But neither can live without the other now, which puts them both at risk.

blood bond 5

Blood Bond #5

Once bonded, never broken. The words give Dante Gabriel hope…until he remembers where he first heard them. The information he needs is hidden in the ancient Vampyre Texts, but he encounters obstacle after obstacle while trying to decipher them, even when someone from his past returns to help.

Though she tries, Erin Hamilton can’t resist Dante. When he comes for her, she always submits willingly, despite her best intentions. She loves him but still can’t bring herself to accept him as vampire…even as other vampires, lured by her arousing scent, begin to close in on her.

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