Review: THE TRUTH ABOUT US by Aly Martinez

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The Truth About Us by Aly Martinez
Series: The Truth Duet, book 2
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: September 13 , 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

What do you do when the most important event in our life had been nothing but a lie?

If you’ve read The Truth About Lies then you know how devastating but also amazing the cliffhanger was. The wait albeit short was stress inducing, honest to God.

My babies Penn and Cora needed a win and they damn well deserved it. I had so many questions and concerns and Aly Martinez solved each one of them.

This story went from mind blowing to absolute genius. This is probably one of the most exciting and nerving stories ever. I was terrified of Penn and Cora’s future, I was worried about their life and honestly I was worried if they’ll ever get their HEA. (they totally get it don’t worry) 

This story is of love and loss, of dejections and hope and above all this story is about family. You’d do anything for your loved ones.

I wish I could erase this story from my mind so I could get to experience it all over again and again.


5 Stars!


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the truth about us

Truth: Penn Walker entered my life like a summer storm—dark, ominous, and filled with thunder.

After witnessing my husband’s murder, I didn’t have much of a heart left to offer a man.

But Penn took it all.
Every jagged shard.
Every broken bit.
Even the dirty and twisted pieces that I wish never existed.

Lie: I didn’t need him to save me.
Lie: I knew exactly who he was.
Lie: Losing him wouldn’t destroy me.

But that’s the thing about lies—you never know who to believe.

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