Review: FLIRTING WITH FOREVER by Kendall Ryan

flirting with forever

Flirting with Forever by Kendall Ryan
Genre: contemporary, friends-to-lovers romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: September 3, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

My new favorite by Kendall Ryan!

I can’t pinpoint one or two specific things about Flirting with Forever that won me over, it’s the entire story itself that captured my heart. The cover, the friends-to-lovers trope, the characters, the absolutely fun and sexy romance that layers the storyline with heartwarming, feel-good excitement…everything flowed together to make this book completely dreamy and blissfully passionate.

I loved Natalie and Cam! Their entire relationship, whether being just friends or lovers, projected absolute naturalness and sincerity. Clearly, you know right away these two characters care deeply for each other. But it was the alternating POVs that give me feelings of involvement in their journey, like I had a front row seat their very own personal love story.

And although Natalie was a strong, caring, and independent woman, and her lively and loving personality was entirely infectious, it was Cam that completely stole my heart and soul. If you could think of all the qualities you’d want in the perfect guy – whether it being good looks, amazing personality, a tender heart – Cam embodies anything and everything you find attractive. The type of guy who would bend over backwards for you, protect you with his life, and sacrifice his own happiness for you. That’s Cam. And a guy like him you do not let slip through your fingers, or let go of without one hell of a fight!

I could go on and on about how much I loved and enjoyed this book, but instead I’m just going to say, READ IT. Flirting with Forever is a sweet, flirty, and satisfying quick read that will leave butterflies in your stomach and a burning warmth in your heart.

5 Stars!



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flirting with forever

I’ve waited years for the perfect girl, yet she was right in front of me all along.

My best friend, Natalie, has been by my side through everything. Leaning on my shoulder, borrowing my sweatshirts…and making my pants too tight when she flashes me that sassy smile that drives me crazy.

But she has no idea about that last part. She doesn’t have a clue I’ve felt this way about her for years.

Until one night after too many cocktails, we fall into bed together.

I’m flirting with my forever…she just doesn’t know it yet.

This book is a sexy, slow-burning best-friends-to-lovers romance with a guaranteed HEA and no cheating. Dive in, and get ready to melt for Cam!

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