Review: THE DUKE OF SEDUCTION by Darcy Burke

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The Duke of Seduction by Darcy Burke
Series: The Untouchables, book 10
Genre: historical romance/regency
Publisher: Darcy Burke Publishing
Publication Date: August 21, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Lady Lavinia’s interests might be considered singular or even peculiar but she’s always prided herself on them. She desires marriage but only to a man who will understand where her interests lie and even support her. But her plans are thwarted when the Duke Of Seduction pens a letter singing her praises forcing the focus of eligible suitors on her.

William Beckett might be seen as a rake but in his heart he is a romantic through and through. He endeavors to help the ladies on the Marriage Mart with the purest of intentions. But apparently his intentions didn’t matter to Lady Lavinia who seems to be furious with the Duke and plans on calling him out.

I absolutely adore this story. I love how refreshing the characters were, where the Lavinia was the scientist and William the poet. It was so amazing to see a woman’s quest for knowledge and a man just being content with his poems and music.

Lavinia is quite possibly my favourite Lady ever. She is smart as a whip and such a flirt, I loved every bit of her point of view. I admire her thirst of knowledge and not giving up on her hopes and dreams. Also, my girl can bring a man to his knees. WHAT A QUEEN!!!

William is such an enigma. His decent into love was such a delight to watch. His poetic heart made me swoon. There’s just something about the poet that makes your heart spitter spatter and William did all of that for me. He feels everything so deeply and it was such a joy to read a character who recognizes that.

I wish there was more of these two falling in love than just realizing it but I still love this story a lot.

4 Stars!


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the duke of seduction

Lady Lavinia Gillingham prefers rocks and dirt to marriage. Her passion is science, and she’s determined to marry if—and only if—she finds a man who supports her interests and intellect. So far, she’s managed to avoid attention on the Marriage Mart, but when the Duke of Seduction pens anonymous letters singing her praises, she suddenly become the toast of the ton and matrimony seems imminent.

William Beckett, Marquess of Northam possesses the reputation of a rake, but is secretly a romantic. Spurned at sixteen, he doesn’t expect to feel the sting of Cupid’s bow a second time, and yet he’s able to woo the coldest of hearts with the anonymous words he publishes. As the Duke of Seduction, he uses his skill to help Lavinia, never anticipating she has no desire for assistance. While Lavinia is pursued by several suitors, Beck is the one who is seduced when he learns that love can strike twice…

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