Review: BOY TOY by Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby

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Boy Toy by Sarina Bowen & Tanya Eby
Series: Man Hands, book 3
Genre: romantic comedy
Publisher: Blunderwoman Productions
Publication Date: August 14, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★


Sadie’s life revolves around her twin babies. Ever since their father left, she has been struggling to excel at the single mother business. But she desperately needs help. In comes, Liam; the hot guy at the girl’s day care center, occasional babysitter and the once teenager who she babysat herself. Sadie knows being attracted to him could only end in a disaster. It doesn’t help that her ex left her terrified of relationships and intimacy.

Liam has been in love with Sadie since he was 15. Every day has been spent worshiping the memories of her until one day she walks in with her kids. He is still insanely into her but how can he ever act on his teenage impulses. Then one day, he realises that Sadie looks at him the same hungry way he looks at her and now it’s GAME ON. He’ll do anything to show how good and bad he can be for her. All he needs is time.

YOU GUYS!!! I think this is my favourite book in the series and I don;t know how he did it but Liam is so much better than anyone else ever. *cathartic screams of love* This utter devotion and love for Sadie made my heart ache. His dirty words just made me swoon. And the way he was with Sadie’s daughters??? MY ENTIRE BEING QUAKED!!! I am so in love with his character, it’s borderline insane.

Sadie is my hero and I would 100% appoint her as my life coach. I admire her so damn much and she is so relateable as a person. Her insecurities, her fears and her hesitations are all very real and I love the way she found a way out for herself. GAWD!!! The way she stood up to her ex gave me chills. LITERAL CHILLS, YOU GUYS! 

This story is so beautiful and sexy and heart-warming and hot. I want to drown in it and never come out. Ash and Kate are probably my favourite little people of all time. I laugh cried so hard at some of their antics.


5 Stars!


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A brand new romantic comedy from your favorite snort-laughing duo!


The moment Sadie Matthews walks through the daycare center door, I feel my world tilt in her direction. Again. I fell for her when I was fourteen, and I’m still not over her. Problem: she still thinks of me as a teen she used to babysit. But I’ve learned a few things about pleasing a woman in the last fifteen years. I can’t wait to show her how good it could be. I need to move quickly before I lose her again. This is more than a game to me, but I still plan to win.


I’ve just survived the worst year of my life. As a single mom of twin toddlers, I don’t have time for a man. I barely have time to finish a thought. Who knew that Liam McAllister would grow up to be so devastating? He’s everything my husband was not: tall, built, and willing to have a tea party with my girls.

I can’t possibly get involved with him. He’s too young for me. Too handsome. But he’s so persuasive…

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