Review: FILTHY LIES by Raine Miller

filthy lies

Filthy Lies by Raine Miller
Series: Blackstone Dynasty, book 2
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: Raine Miller Romance
Publication Date: July 30, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

An exciting and steamy new romance from Raine Miller!

Filthy Lies was filthy good!

I was so incredibly anxious to dive back into the illustrious and complex Blackstone World! In Filthy Rich, we were given Caleb Blackstone’s story. This time, we take the journey with his younger sister, Winter, and James Blakney, Caleb’s best friend. Secrets unfold, lies are uncovered, and lines are crossed on their path to find love and happiness.

This book was a wonderful read! Winter and James were two halves of a whole that was clearly evident right from the beginning of the story. The prologue engulfs you into the mysteries hidden within the storyline and propels you to find out what happens between these two fascinating characters. You become torn, right along with the characters, between what actions should be taken, the truths that should be voiced, and the desire to go after one’s love.

There were so many aspects of the book that I really enjoyed. The overall dynamic of the storyline flowed seamlessly. And the originality infused into the story sets it apart from any typical friends-to-lovers romance. And of course, I loved Winter and James. Loved everything about them…as friends, as lovers, as potential spouses to one another. Their relationship from beginning to end was completely heartfelt and romantic, and their chemistry and sexual tension was authoritative and passionate enough to make you burn up on the inside. And their history together truly empowered the progress toward change from friends to lovers.

All-around, this was a sizzling, sexy, and completely swoony love story! Filthy Lies was the perfect addition to the Blackstone Dynasty series. And I challenge anyone with a beating pulse to try and not fall in love with James Blakney. It’s thoroughly impossible not to.

4 Stars!


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filthy lies

On the day I turned fifteen years old I knew I loved James Blakney. There was a look in his eye that told me he’d finally noticed I existed in a realm beyond best-friend’s-much-younger-off-limits-don’t-even-think-about-it-little-sister. Call it womanly intuition, despite the fact I was barely qualified for being an actual woman at just fifteen—and only in the biological sense—but still, I knew I loved him.

What I never expected from him was a proposal of marriage nearly eight years later. I know it’s not supposed to be a real marriage, but James is certainly making it feel that way.

He’s also hiding something from me.

But I’ve hidden the truth from him as well.


So many filthy lies.

~Winter Blackstone

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