Review: FALLING IN BETWEEN by Stevie J. Cole

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Falling In Between by Stevie J. Cole
Genre: contemporary romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: July 26, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

What happens in Mexico does not stay in Mexico

Charlie thought she was having a divorce party in Mexico with her best friend. Little did she know the man she wakes up to one morning (with no memory of the night before) she might be seeing again very soon.

Yes, this story is about Elijah and Charlie but first, I must say Charlie’s best friend was funny as hell. She had me laughing out loud several times. In fact, there were a lot of laugh at loud moments for me throughout the book.

Now, let me get back to Elijah and Charlie. Elijah, I loved from the get go. He was mysterious, so I was a little worried at first, but he turned out amazing. Charlie had her good moments for me and there was a time I wanted to shake some sense in to her, but that’s okay.

Over all it was a cute, fun read and I must say I enjoyed the lighter side of Stevie.

4 Stars!


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falling in between

What do you do when you wake up in a hotel room beside a tattooed man with a face that makes Tom Hardy look like the bottom of a shoe ?
You fight through your tequila-induced haze, trip over his designer suit crumpled on the floor, and run.
After all, you’re 1500 miles from home. It’s not like you’ll ever see him again.

Unless you’re me.

Fast forward six months and I somehow find myself in the middle of a bet with Mr Tall, Dark, and Tattooed that includes me owing him four dates. Four dates with an arrogantly charming man who I know little about, what could possibly go wrong?

Oh, I don’t know, maybe falling asleep in his arms on date three and realizing I’m in love with a man who doesn’t even know my real name.

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