Review: ROYAL BASTARD by Nana Malone

royal bastard

Royal Bastard by Nana Malone
Series: Royals Undone, book 1
Genre: NA romance
Publisher: Sankofa Girl
Publication Date: July 24, 2018
Rating: ★★★★★

Nana Malone does it again with Royal Bastard! New adventures await with a whole new royal this time!

Royal Bastard follows the story of Lucas, the long-lost prince of the Winston Isles. We first met Lucas in the Royals Undercover Duet. And although you don’t need to read the previous books to read Lucas’ story, I highly recommend you do so ‘cause they are fantastic!

Lucas is arrogant, drop-dead sexy, and oozes charm and irresistibility that no woman can resist. That’s until he meets Bryna. Set out to do what SHE wants, regardless of her overbearing and controlling parents, Bryna is no fool when it comes to the gorgeous and funny “friend of the king” Lucas. But when her living arrangements become dire, and with her parents taking drastic actions to control her once again, Bryna has no choice but to rely on Lucas and his offer to help.

But as concerning circumstances arise, and the more time they spend together, Bryna realizes Lucas is not the man she originally thought. And as Lucas strives to become the man he wants to be, it’s his past and conman ways that begin to pull him back into the life he thought he left behind.

Wow…all I can say is WOW! This story, these characters, everything about it was incredible! I thought I pledged my heart to Sebastian, but I may have acted swiftly and without thought to his younger brother, Lucas. Because now?…now I’m breaking that vow and turning my heart and soul over to Lucas, for him to do what he please. I didn’t stand a chance when it came to him, and I dare YOU to deny his power to charm and seduce. His bad-boy-turned-good persona was intoxicating, and I couldn’t help but root for him throughout the entire story. And when it came to Bryna, well she was a breath of fresh air in the heroine department. Strong, independent, with a realistic approach to life, she was the ultimate bad-ass woman who didn’t take crap from anyone. Especially Lucas. These two were dynamite and their chemistry can be felt from the start. It’s the slow burn of passion, intrigue, and emotions that truly wreaks havoc on the reader’s head and heart.

And that ending?….let’s just say Lucas and Bryna’s story does not end here. And I CANNOT wait for the next book, to find out the truth behind the unexpected revelations exposed, and to see what will happen to the new relationship formed between these two diverse characters.

The author has my unconditional and unwavering LOVE for this book! Lucas will charm you, seduce you, and make you fall head-over-heels in love with him. Trust me, it’ll happen.

5 Stars!


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royal bastard


Don’t get in trouble, they said. Don’t cause an incident. Oops.

I might be a newfound prince, but that doesn’t mean I’m ready to say goodbye to my days of freedom. So when my brother, the king, asks me to babysit a diplomat’s daughter, my first thought is to say no… that is until I see her climbing out of a window with her dress tucked into her thong.

She might just be my kind of girl.

I just thought I’d mix business with pleasure…I didn’t plan to lose control of my heart.


I’ve been groomed by my parents to climb the social ladder all my life and I’m done with it. I want nothing from their royal world.
Now that I’m finally on my own, I can live where I want, date who I want, do who I want.

The one person I won’t be doing? My new accidental roommate.

Oh, he’s gorgeous and mysterious, and cheeky. He’s also friends with the king and a total jackass.

So basically, he’s never gonna get it…famous last words.

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