Review: SMITTEN IN SANTORINI by Kat Mizera

smitten in santorini

Smitten in Santorini by Kat Mizera
Series: Romancing Europe, book 2
Genre: contemporary, second chance romance
Publisher: self published
Publication Date: July 19, 2018
Rating: ★★★★✰

Smitten in Santorini is what second chance romances are made of!

This quick read has so much flowing from its pages…long-kept secrets and undying love, layered with suspenseful treachery and betrayal. This love story shines a bright light on how relationships will never survive without communication, honesty, and faith.

The characteristics of Mick and Lena mirror one another completely. Both share the joyous yet heartbreaking past of loving each other, as well as the lurking insecurities of not fighting hard enough for one another. Add in the unknown forces that broke them apart, we find that only Lena holds the answers as to why everything fell apart.

Resigned to the fact that maybe she didn’t love him, Mick is eager to find out what exactly went wrong and why Lena left him hurt and heartbroken. But amid recapturing their connection with each other, it’s outside forces that become the most challenging and leaves them with more questions once again. It makes you contemplate the possibility of their past somewhat repeating itself.

I really liked this story. The passion and chemistry between Mick and Lena was evident from the very beginning of their reconciliation, and the heartwarming actions taken to ensure their love and loyalty is what matters most to them both were pure emotional romance. I also loved reconnecting with Apollo and Paige from Adonis in Athens, which only made this book that much more entertaining.

If you enjoy whimsical love stories with a flair for drama and intrigue, then Smitten in Santorini is the novella for you. An overall great read!

4 Stars!



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smitten in santorini

Mick Laughlin can handle anything – except a broken heart. He never understood why the girl he loved in college suddenly turned her back on him and he’s avoided romance ever since. Now a top young architect at his family’s firm, he’s been sent all over the globe to work on elite projects.

Four years ago, Melina Lakkas fell in love with her younger brother’s best friend. When his family made it clear they would never accept her, she walked away. It was a no-win situation, which would have been made worse had they discovered her secret.

When Mick takes on the design and execution of an exclusive resort in Santorini, he plans to stay as far away from Athens—and Lena—as possible. Then a fire at the job site leaves him with no choice but to call on his best friend’s sister for help. As secrets from the past unravel, can Mick forgive her long enough to forgive himself?

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